Five Elements of Rabbit - Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth

Written by Matteo Updated Nov. 24, 2021

In Chinese philosophy, the zodiac Rabbit is associated with one of the five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

So there are five types of Rabbits: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. 2023 is the year of the water rabbit.

5 Elements of Zodiac Rabbit: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth
5 Elements of Zodiac Rabbit: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth

Five Elements of Rat

People born with different zodiac animal signs and elements will have different characters and destinies. 

Here are five types of rabbits with their birth years.

Rabbit Years Birth Dates Types of Rabbit
2023 22 Jan 2023 to 9 Feb 2024 Water Rabbit
2011 3 Feb 2011 to 22 Jan 2012 Gold Rabbit
1999 16 Feb 1999 to 4 Feb 2000 Earth Rabbit
1987 29 Jan 1987 to 16 Feb 1988 Fire Rabbit
1975  11 Feb 1975 to 30 Jan 1976 Wood Rabbit
1963 25 Jan 1963 to 12 Feb 1964 Water Rabbit
1951 6 Feb 1951 to 26 Jan 1952 Gold Rabbit
1939 19 Feb 1939 to 7 Feb 1940 Earth Rabbit

Gold Rabbit (2011, 1951)

People born in the Rabbit years associated with the gold element are gold rabbits. A gold rabbit year comes every 60 years. The next gold rabbit year will be 2071.

Gold Rabbit's Personality

Rabbit people with the gold sign of the five elements are enthusiastic and kind-hearted. They always have good relationships with other people. 

People with gold rabbit signs are also smart and flexible. They have strong self-awareness and are full of energy. They are not the ones to surrender. They are tough mentally and don't want to tell others about their pain, but bear it alone.

People born in the year of the gold rabbit are also conservative. They don’t like ruthless competition, so it is not easy for gold rabbits to make friends with people who are eager for quick success and instant benefits.

Horoscope for Gold Rabbit

Even though gold rabbits have a good way to make money, they need to be more careful about major deals. There might be many unexpected things to make them lose money. So, try to avoid speculation, gambling, and loans. Gold rabbits are also advised to rein in spending and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Water Rabbit (2023, 1963)

The water Rabbits were born in 2023 and 1963. The element is water. 

Water Rabbit's Personality

Though people born in the year of the Water Rabbit are gentle and soft, they are persistent. They can adapt easily to changing environments and take on board new ideas and concepts.

They are also compassionate listeners who are always attentive and responsive to others' needs during the conversation. Which makes them popular people who can make emotional connections with other people easily. 

However, rabbit people of the water element are easily influenced by others. Anyone can influence them because they would be happy to live a peaceful life.  They also like to rely heavily on the people they trust. Most of the time, they prefer to let others rule instead of taking the initiative into their own hands.

Horoscope for Water Rabbit

For Rabbit people born in 1963, this year is relatively smooth. People with the water rabbit sign can deal with unexpected difficulties calmly. Being popular among friends, they always get plenty of help from others. Thus, it is sensible for water rabbit people to keep a good relationship with their partners and colleagues.

People born in 1963 have a good wealth fortune in 2022. However, be cautious in investing. They will have good health fortune and will not suffer from too much pain this year. 

Wood Rabbit (1975, 1915)

The wood Rabbits were born in 1975 and 1915. The next wood rabbit year comes in 2035.

Wood Rabbit's Personality

Rabbit people born in 1975 or 1915 with the wood element are smart and quick-witted. They know how to make good use of their talents and most of them have a unique vision. They can easily get success in almost every field. 

People born in the year of the rabbit with the wood element are also unstable and emotional. They think highly of relationships. It is hard for water rabbit people to recover from the breakdown of a relationship. They are likely to be self-centered and ignore their partners’ needs. Caring more about others is the key to keeping a good relationship.

Horoscope for Wood Rabbit

For Rabbit people born in 1975 with the wood element, the overall outlook for 2022 is relatively stable. Their career intends to develop well, and their financial fortune is stable. 

However, wood rabbit people spend too much on daily life. They are advised to cut back expenses and avoid unnecessary social engagement. Try some low-risk investments that may help a lot.

Wood rabbit people should pay close attention to their health in 2022. They may feel anxious about the pressures of work and life. They need to relieve their negative emotions and have enough rest. 

Fire Rabbit (1987, 1927)

The zodiac sign of people born in 1927 or 1987 is the fire rabbit. The next fire rabbit year is 2047.

Fire Rabbit's Personality

Rabbit people born in 1987 or 1927 with the fire element are warm-hearted and generous. They are happy to help their friends when they are in trouble. 

Fire rabbit people are intelligent and smart. They are good at communication but say little. They are also broad-minded and tolerant. With a unique vision, they are not only good at finding talents but also good at cultivating talents. 

However, most of them lack courage and leadership skills, they are not capable of being good leaders. 

Horoscope for Fire Rabbit

Rabbit people born in 1987 with the fire element can have a prosperous year in 2022. In terms of career, through their efforts and with the help of resourceful people, they are likely to achieve a higher position or a better job. They will earn a good salary due to their hard work.

Earth Rabbit (1999, 1939)

People born in the year of rabbit associated with the earth element is earth rabbit. The recent earth rabbit years are 1939, 1999, and 2059.

Earth Rabbit's Personality

People born in the year of Earth Rabbit are loyal, frank, and straightforward. They are smart and hard-working. But they lack patience and often give up halfway. If they can be more patient and stick to one thing, they will have great achievements. 

Rabbit people with the earth element are easygoing, polite, and tender. They are good listeners and are good at communication. They are sincere to friends and always have good relationships with other people.

Horoscope for Earth Rabbit

The earth rabbit will have good health and relationship fortune. Those who have been married for years, know better how to take care of their partner and get along well with their families and friends.

People born with the earth rabbit sign are advised not to be greedy for profit and power. Take others’ suggestions, and retire at the right time. Although there will not be much development, the year will generally pass smoothly.

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