Rooster Compatibility: Which Signs Are the Best Matches for Roosters

Written by Apple Updated Dec. 21, 2023

People born in the year of the Rooster are hardworking, courageous, amusing, and popular within a crowd. They are most compatible with people who were born in the Year of Ox, Dragon, or Snake. Read on to find out more information.

Chinese Zodiac Rooster Compatibility Chart
Rooster compatibility with the 12 zodiac animals

Rooster's Best Matches

People born in the Year of the Rooster can be compatible with the Ox, Dragon, or Snake, no matter as lovers or couples. 

1. Rooster and Ox Compatibility

The two Chinese zodiacs of Rooster and Ox go very well together, whether in a romantic relationship or as friends. 

In Chinese culture, the rooster represents prosperity and good fortune. Because the word for rooster in Chinese, "ji", has a similar pronunciation to the word meaning "auspicious". People born in the Year of the Rooster are warm-hearted, honest, and passionate

People born in the Year of the Ox hold conservative and traditionalistic personalities. They are hard-working, diligent, and honest.

They are both diligent and honest and like plain happiness and open-minded discussions. The Rooster people are broad-minded and brave, making up for the Ox people’s reticence and restraint. They understand and appreciate each other, making this couple a harmonious family life. 

2. Rooster and Dragon Compatibility

The Rooster people and the Dragon people match with each other perfectly both in personalities and abilities. 

Their personalities and abilities complement each other. People born in the Year of the Rooster are intelligent rational, and good at analyzing problems. On the other hand, they are sometimes arrogant and sight-shorted. People born in the Year of the Dragon are passionate, powerful, and confident. However, they tend to be quick-tempered and tactless. 

They both have an opulent life and share a common attitude toward life. The combination can be a perfect couple.

3. Rooster and Snake Compatibility

According to Chinese astrology, Rooster people are highly compatible with Snake people. They could be a very happy couple. 

People born in the Year of the Rooster are hard-working, rational, and frank. People born in the Year of the Snake are smart and insightful. Snake people are always determined to accomplish their goals and hate to fail. Rooster people's and snake people's personalities seem pretty contrasting. But the differences they have tend to help them to be attracted to each other rather than pull them apart.

In a relationship, they understand and support each other. When there is a conflict, they are willing to sort out issues at an early stage. Complementary characteristics, mutual respect, and mutual understanding make them obtain an everlasting marriage life.

Rooster's Worst Matches

According to Chinese astrology, the Dog and the Rabbit are the least compatible zodiac signs for the Rooster.

1. Rooster and Dog Compatibility

Based on Chinese astrology, the Rooster and Dog people will not be well-suited couples.

They have different personalities. Most of the time they don't understand each other and they easily fight with each other.  Dog people tend to avoid arguing with their partners while Rooster people will quarrel and won't compromise. 

Sometimes they can work well when they need each other. However, sometimes they can be indifferent to each other. They don't trust each other wholeheartedly, and they might not be able to reach a true understanding.  

2. Rooster and Rabbit Compatibility

The Rooster and Rabbit people are not very likely to work in a love relationship. They can find little in common. Their personality clashes are strong because each is dissatisfied with the other's critical traits. 

The Rabbit people are sensible and tender and expect perfection from their partners. The Rooster people are efficient, ambitious, and enterprising. Their busy schedule at work always makes their Rabbit partners feel neglected and uncared for. Their life together will be full of conflicts and fights. They may be able to survive a few years, but after that, separation is doomed to occur.

Male Rooster's Love Compatibility

1. Male Rooster + Female Rat:  The couple has a low level of compatibility. The Rooster men are ambitious and busy at work which makes their spouses feel neglected. When they have conflicts, they seldom communicate openly. Their relationship is difficult to maintain for a long.

2. Male Rooster + Female Ox:  They could make a great couple. They understand and appreciate each other. Complementary characteristics make them obtain an everlasting marriage life.

3. Male Rooster + Female Tiger: This combination is average. The male Rooster is brave and diligent, but also stubborn. The female Tiger is passionate and magnetic. The male Rooster thinks his wife is too provocative while the female Tiger thinks her husband is priggish and critical. 

4. Male Rooster + Female Rabbit: Due to the conflicts of personalities between Rooster and Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac, the Rooster man, and Rabbit woman are not a good match. 

5. Male Rooster + Female Dragon: From the point of view of Chinese astrology, the male Rooster and the female Dragon could make a perfect couple. They match with each other perfectly both in personalities and abilities. They can always get satisfaction from their life and family.

6. Male Rooster + Female Snake: This is a perfect match. The Rooster man and the Snake woman have complementary characteristics. They understand and support each other.

7. Male Rooster + Female Horse: They have something in common in personalities, and they also share some similar interests. They can be intimate friends but not lovers. 

8. Male Rooster + Female Goat: They can find the good points in each other and learn from them. They can be the best business partners. They could also have a harmonious marriage if they share similar interests.

9. Male Rooster + Female Monkey:  This is not a good combination. They often have disagreements due to their personality difference. 

10. Male Rooster + Female Rooster: If getting married, they can have a harmonious relationship as long as they have an understanding of the other's needs.

11. Male Rooster + Female Dog: The zodiac horoscope predicts the low compatibility of the Rooster man and the Dog woman. They barely have anything in common and they cannot accept each other's shortcomings.

12. Male Rooster + Female Pig: Both of them are diligent and kindhearted. If getting married, the Rooster man and the Pig woman know how to take care of each other. There are disagreements in their lives but they barely quarrel with each other. They could have a smooth and average marriage.  

Female Rooster's Love Compatibility

1. Female Rooster + Male Rat: This is not a good match. They have different aims on most occasions. Their marriage will be full of difficulties, contradictions, and quarrels due to their distinctive personalities.  

2. Female Rooster + Male Ox: The female Rooster and the male Ox will make a perfect couple. The Ox man is honest and persistent, but sometimes rigid. The Rooster woman is diligent and cautious, and they don't mind the Ox man's stubbornness. They will lead a harmonious and peaceful life.

3. Female Rooster + Male Tiger: The horoscope of compatibility of the female Rooster and the male Tiger does not see favorable prospects for cooperation. They respect each other, but it’s hard for them to give in to disagreement. Quarrels are inevitable in their marriage.

4. Female Rooster + Male Rabbit: This combination is not a good match. Both Rooster woman and Rabbit man have signs of strong character and prefer to control the situation. They have different aims on most occasions. They could end up irritating rather than appreciating each other.

5. Female Rooster + Male Dragon: The female Rooster and the male Dragon can make a great couple. They match with each other perfectly both in personalities and abilities. They can always get satisfaction from their life and family.

6. Female Rooster + Male Snake: Rooster woman and Snake man can function well as both a couple and best friends. 

7. Female Rooster + Male Horse:  The Rooster woman can get along well with the Horse man since they complement each other in terms of personality. They can be great friends as well as good couples.

8. Female Rooster + Male Goat: In terms of characteristics, they have little in common. To build a strong relationship, both of them will have to put effort into understanding each other.

9. Female Rooster + Male Monkey: The Rooster woman and the Monkey man can have a good love connection. Rooster woman and Monkey man have common interests and they are both creative. Besides, the Rooster woman could be a good helper for the Monkey man's career.

10. Female Rooster + Male Rooster: They support each other and will bring positive effects to their careers and family lives.

11. Female Rooster + Male Dog: They can always find shining points in the other and are willing to take responsibility. They can be good partners both in their careers and in life. 

12. Female Rooster + Male Pig: Both of them are warm-hearted and communicative. They can find a lot in common but still keep their own space as friends.

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