Year of the Snake, Personality, Predictions 2024

Written by Sally Guo Updated Dec. 21, 2023

The zodiac snake ranks 6th among the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Years of the Snake are 2025, 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941… If you were born in one of these years, your Chinese zodiac sign is the Snake.

2025 will be the year of the Snake. It will be the year of the wood snake. 

The snake is a symbol of intelligence, wisdom, and charm.  People born in the snake years are intelligent and cautious. They have a romantic appearance and a polished approach to life.  

In 2024, the overall luck for the Snake people is very good, especially in terms of finance.  This year is full of excellent opportunities for wealth for them. They will get great returns on investments.  

Years of the Snake 

The most recent zodiac years include 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, and 1941. The next zodiac snake year will come in 2025. 

 In Chinese element theory, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth, for example, 2025 will be the year of the wood snake. 

Chinese zodiac signs are based on the Chinese lunar calendar, which begins on the Chinese New Year. See below the Chinese snake years with their elements: 

Zodiac Snake Years Birth Dates Element
2025 29 Jan 2025 to 16 Feb 2026 Wood Snake
2013 10 Feb 2013 to 30 Jan 2014 Water Snake
2001 24 Jan 2001 to 11 Feb 2002 Gold Snake
1989 6 Feb 1989 to 26 Jan 1990 Earth Snake
1977 18 Feb 1977 to 6 Feb 1978 Fire Snake
1965 2 Feb 1965 to 20 Jan 1966 Wood Snake
1953 14 Feb 1953 to 2 Feb 1954 Water Snake
1941 27 Jan 1941 to 14 Feb 1942 Gold Snake

Use the Chinese Zodiac calculator below to find out your zodiac sign and element.

Snake’s Personality Traits

People born in the year of the snake appear cold and mysterious on the outside, but in fact, they are warm and kind on the inside. Most snakes are natural artists who are good at literature and arts, like Goethe and Picasso.

Snakes are ambitious.  Most of them can work hard to achieve their goals.

However, snake people are jealous in a relationship. Their suspicion might make them paranoid.

Male Snakes' Personality

Male snakes are jealous which makes it hard for them to get well along with others. Most of them are ambitious and tend to get what they want by whatever scheming method.  They are in a great desire for fame most of whom are in pursuit of wealth and fame all their life.  Male snakes often show off what they own which sometimes embarrasses others. 

Male snakes are sensitive. They are constant in the relationship and will be loyal to their partners all their lives. 

Men born in the snake years are energetic and aggressive.  They like to work independently and refuse to cooperate with others. They can always achieve their goals with their strong ability. But, sometimes, failure in cooperation may bring problems to their work. 

Female Snakes' Personality

Women born in the year of the snake are fashionable. They usually spend a lot of money buying the most fashionable clothes and jewelry.

They crave wealth and power very much. If they can't obtain the wealth they are expecting on their own, they will try to marry a man who possesses that. 

Generally speaking, female snakes are good wives who are willing to help their husbands in every aspect. Their husbands' careers will probably reach a high stage with their help. 

Metal, Fire, Wood,  Water, and Earth Snakes

In Chinese elements theory,  each snake year is associated with one of the five elements: Gold (Metal), Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. 

Chinese people believe that personal characteristics are decided by both animal signs and elements. Snake people born with different elements have different personalities.

Snakes Birth Years Personality Traits
Wood Snake 1965, 2025 easygoing, insightful, lack perseverance
Water Snake 1953, 2013 active, nimble, creative
Gold Snake 1941, 2001 a born leader, clever, confident
Earth Snake 1929, 1989 sensitive, emotional, domineering
Fire Snake 1917, 1977 quick-witted, adventurous, good at socializing

Read more details on the Five Elements of the Zodiac Snake.

Snake's Love Compatibility

Chinese zodiac match was used to find one’s best partner in love in ancient times. To the zodiac snakes, they are most compatible with the Ox and Rooster. 

Snake's Compatibility

Snake's Best Matches: Ox, Rooster

Snakes and Ox people are both willing to work hard for a better life. Though they have different personalities, they can complement each other. The Snake will respect the persistent Ox and offer warm support during hardships.

Snake people and rooster people have a lot in common. They are both passionate but also scrupulous about the relationship. The Rooster is naturally optimistic and can help its partner build up confidence when they suffer from failure.

Snake's Worst Match: Tiger

Tiger people and snake people can't open their hearts to each other. In the tiger's eyes, the snake is cold and shrewd, while in the snake’s eyes, the tiger is overbearing. However, communication is the key to growing a genuine friendship.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Calculator


Chinese Zodiac Snake's Lucky Numbers and Colors

Snake's Lucky Things

Find below the luckiest things for snakes. Following the lucky things and avoiding the unlucky things will bring you good luck.

Unlucky Things

Snake's Horoscope in 2024

Snake people will have an average fortune in 2024. They may encounter some twists and turns. But, all the problems and hardships will be solved with help from their friends.

Snake’s Career Predictions in 2024

People born in the Year of the Snake will meet many changes in their careers this year, so they should be prepared. Though there are many tough tasks confronting them, they can solve them with support from their friends. 

The snake people who run their businesses may have good opportunities to perform well for their enterprises this year. 

Snake’s Wealth Fortune in 2024

You will perform well in your work, hence may have the opportunity for a salary raise. At the end of the year, apart from the stable income from work, you may get good returns from your investments.

However, you need to have good money management because the chances for you to encounter difficulties are high this year. So you should spend money wisely. 

Snake’s Relationship Horoscope in 2024

Though there are ups and downs, Snake people can have a good relationship this year. 

The chance for them to have divergence and arguments with colleagues is high. This can affect their mood. So, it is suggested that snakes should stay calm. Also, they need to spend more time with their families to avoid alienation from them.

For the single, the love story may start by chance.  Single snakes may meet their loved ones this year.  The person can be their ideal soul partner.  So, just pick Mr. Right and enjoy this romantic relationship.

Snake’s Health in 2024

Snake people need to pay more attention to their health conditions in 2024. They are likely to be fatigued and suffer from insomnia.  Work stress this year may cause mental disease.

To minimize health-related problems, people born in the year of the snake should keep the following things in mind:

Read more on Snake's Monthly Horoscope in 2024

Is a Snake Year a Lucky Year

To most snakes, the snake year is unlucky. The next snake year will come in 2025, people born in the snake year should be careful that year. The way to protect yourself from bad luck is to wear red clothes such as red underwear. read more on how to be lucky in your zodiac year. 

Famous People Born in the Year of the Snake

Introduction to the 12 Zodiac Animals

Listed below are all the 12 zodiac animals with detailed information, check out which animal sign you belong to and get lucky in the coming year!

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