The Five Elements of Tiger

Written by Ruru Zhou Updated Dec. 21, 2023

Tiger ranks in 3rd place of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. 2022 is the year of the Tiger. According to Chinese astrology, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements: water, Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth.

There are water tigers, gold tigers, wood tigers, fire tigers, and earth tigers. 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger.

Five Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Tiger

A water Tiger, for example, comes every 60 years. See below for the five elements of tigers with their birth year.

Tiger Years Birth Dates Tigers
2022 Feb. 1, 2022 – Jan. 21, 2023 Water Tiger
2010 Feb. 14, 2010 – Feb.2, 2011 Gold Tiger
1998 Jan. 28, 1998 – Feb. 15, 1999 Earth Tiger
1986 Feb.9, 1986 – Jan.28, 1987 Fire Tiger
1974  Jan. 23, 1974 – Feb. 10, 1975 Wood Tiger
1962  Feb. 5, 1962 – Jan. 24, 1963 Water Tiger
1950  Feb. 1950 – Feb. 5, 1951 Gold Tiger
1938  Jan. 31, 1938 – Feb. 18, 1939 Earth Tiger

Water Tiger

2022 and 1962 are the year of the water tiger. A water tiger year comes every 60 years. The next water tiger year will be 2082.

Water Tiger’s Personality

Water tigers are confident in doing things. With a strong belief in their abilities, they like to be challenged. It is unlikely they are satisfied with a quiet and peaceful life. Instead, they like brand-new ideas and trying new things. They tend to live an exciting and interesting life.

They can stay calm to solve problems when they are in hardship. Their emotion will never be messed up by any difficulties.

They are discerning both in work and business and won’t allow themselves to miss any opportunities around. Most of the time, tigers are decisive, but sometimes, they may hesitate to make a decision.

Water Tiger's Fortune

Water tigers are creative and like new things. They are natural artists. They are also self-possessed. It is not easy for them to accept other people’s ideas, which may cause quarrels in their families.

Water tigers desire power. They will achieve their goals if they can work hard and keep making progress.

Water tigers are destined for good wealth. They are not short of money all their life.

Gold Tiger

The most recent years of the gold tiger are 1950 and 2010. The next gold tiger year will come in 2070.

Gold Tiger’s Personality

Gold tigers like to live a quiet and peaceful life. They are family-oriented and are willing to spend time with their families. Women gold tigers are enthusiastic and generous, but at the same time, they are also very powerful and want to rebel against others’ commands. Men tigers appear very enthusiastic on the outside, but on the inside, they may be prone to indecision and restraint.

Gold tigers keep their work and family divided. They try not to bring their work home. Although they are taciturn most of the time, they are considerate to their family members.

Gold Tiger’s Horoscope

Gold tigers have a mixed wealth fortune. They will have prosperous wealth in their youth and middle age. Unfortunately, their fortune goes down in their old age. Most Gold tigers can live a happy and quiet life.

Wood Tiger

The recent wood tiger years are 1914 and 1974.

Wood Tiger’s Personality

Wood tigers are good at socializing. They are good coordinators who tend to work with others to achieve their goals. Most of the time, wood tigers are discerning, but they sometimes may only focus on appearance and not explore the inside.

Wood Tigers are self-possessed, with the tendency to be occasionally self-righteous. They value the relationship between friends very much. Wood tigers are quick learners. Wood tigers at the studying stage should keep studying hard and don’t miss any opportunities to study abroad.

Wood Tiger’s Horoscope

Wood tigers are very lucky to be appreciated by their bosses. If they can take the opportunity, they may receive unexpected achievements. Wood tigers will have very good financial luck, and they are more likely to receive unexpected wealth. They can get help from elder women when they are in trouble.

Wood tigers tend to meet their loved ones when they are very young, but they should not get married too early. They may get a divorce if they get married too early.

Fire Tiger

The recent year of the fire tiger is 1926 and 1986. The next fire tiger comes in 2046.

Fire Tiger’s Personality

Fire tigers value their friendship and promise very much. They are earnest and meticulous with a strong will. They value their promise and do what they say. They tend to express their opinions loudly without giving others any chance to talk. They are the most charming people.

They are naturally talented. Most of them will achieve in their career. Fire tigers are naturally proud, and only accept compliments but refuse to take any advice. This can make them very easy to be deceived by others.

Fire Tiger’s Horoscope

Fire Tigers are destined for good wealth. Even though they cannot make large sums of money, they are not short of money all their life.

Fire tigers are too overly confident which makes them easy to have conflicts with their family members. Fire tigers should reflect on themselves which will help them to have a harmonious family.

Earth Tiger

People born in the year of the tiger associated with the earth element is the earth Tiger. The recent tiger year is 1938, 1958, and 2058.

Earth Tiger’s Personality

Earth tiger is ambitious, confident, and arrogant. They have a strong desire for their career and business. They have a great dream to have their entrepreneur when they are young. They can make great achievements if they can work hard toward their goals. 

Earth tigers are generous, and they are always eager to help others. They will get help from others when they encounter any difficulties. They are worthy of anyone’s friendship. It is easy for them to make friends with those who can offer them great help in their careers. Their career will thus get up to another level.

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