Tiger's Horoscope 2024, Monthly Prediction for 2024

Written by Apple Updated Dec. 21, 2023

The tiger people's fortunes in 2024 are quite good, especially for most office workers. If they had changed jobs last year, they would have performed well in the workplace this year. They will have many good opportunities for development.

They will also receive the help of their auspicious star,  which can bring significant changes in both position and salary, enabling them to continuously progress in a positive direction. 

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Tiger's Wealth Horoscope in 2024

Office tigers would get stable incomes if they worked hard and were down-to-earth. They can expect to get a salary raise after promotion next year.

Tiger people who do business will have some opportunities to start a new company. They may not make a lot of profit this year. Tiger people can invest some money in reliable investment fields to earn some extra money. But don’t get involved in high-risk investments.

Tiger's Career Prediction in 2024

Tiger people will have a smooth career fortune in 2024. Their fortune prediction suggests that there are many good opportunities for promotion.

Tigers will also have chances to engage in some major projects. While working on the projects, their working abilities will be appreciated by their leaders.

Tiger's Love Fortune in 2024

People born in the Year of the Tiger will have an average love fortune in 2024. Single Tigers may remain single. It is hard for them to meet someone and start dating.

Married Tigers will be hard at work and are likely to neglect families, which could bring some disagreements and contradictions in their relationship. In their free time, they should make the time to accompany their partners, which could promote a more harmonious relationship.

Tiger's Health Forecast in 2024

Tiger people will generally have good health and luck in 2024. There will not be major health problems. However, Tigers should pay more attention to their mental health. Under long-term work pressure, they may feel stressed and depressed.

For the young Tiger people, keep a healthy diet and avoid some night parties, which will be good ways to maintain health.

2024 Monthly Horoscope for Tigers

In Chinese astrology, a Chinese zodiac sign’s monthly predictions are based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Corresponding dates on the Gregorian calendar are given for your reference.

Tiger’s Horoscope in Month 1 (Feb. 10 to Mar. 9, 2024)

According to Tiger’s 2024 horoscope prediction, higher-ups will favor the Tiger this month, whether they are office workers or people who do business. If they make an effort, they can earn more income or get a promotion. There will be more business trips and opportunities this month for business people.

Tiger people’s love fortune will be stable this month. Single Tigers are likely to meet someone charming. For married ones, their relationships are harmonious and sweet.

Tiger’s Horoscope in Month 2 (Mar. 10 to Apr. 8, 2024)

People born in the Year of the Tiger will have smooth career development in the second lunar month of 2024. They will find themselves performing at the top of their capabilities and will be appreciated by their leaders. Their good interpersonal relationship also helps them perform well in cooperation projects. 

In terms of health, Tiger people will not have major problems. They are recommended not to work overtime or stay up late, which will lead to a bad impact on their health.

Tiger’s Horoscope in Month 3 (Apr. 9 to May. 7, 2024)

In the third month of 2024, Tiger people's career and wealth fortune will be just so-so. Their income is as stable as in the past few months but it would be hard for them to earn extra money from investments.

At work, their company develops ideally, but there will be many difficult problems at work comes along. They may feel restricted and pressured. It is advised that they try to adapt to the environment and not conflict with their leaders or supervisors. 

Tiger’s Horoscope in Month 4 (May. 8 to Jun. 5, 2024)

In the fourth month of 2024, the Tiger people may face ups and downs in their careers. Challenges and difficulties will show up at work, which makes it hard for them to make headway.

It is suggested that Tiger people should learn from experienced elders or ask for help when facing difficulties. They can get out of the predicament soon if they can get some help. 

Single Tigers are likely to have good luck in love relationships this month. They will have the opportunity to meet new people of the opposite sex.

Tiger’s Horoscope in Month 5 (Jun. 6 to Jul. 5, 2024)

Tiger will have a stable fortune in careers this month. They may be given a lot of tasks at work. If they work hard, they can finish them well and on time. 

 Their health horoscope this month is relatively stable, and there will be no unexpected diseases. But they should pay attention to their mental health. If the heavy workload makes them feel pressured and tired, take short trips or go out to relax after work. 

Tiger’s Horoscope in Month 6 (Jul. 6 to Aug. 3, 2024)

In month 6, everything is going well for people born in the Year of the Tiger. 

In terms of career, Tiger people can get their job done on time and with high quality. They will be able to use their talents to good effect in a few projects, and they will be appreciated by their leaders. 

They will also have good luck with their studies this month. They have good luck with their exams and are likely to get a professional certificate, which will be helpful to their career.

Tiger's Horoscope in Month 7 (Aug. 4 to Sep. 2, 2024)

Tiger’s luck in lunar July of 2024 is good as a whole despite their health fortune. 

At work, they will get numerous opportunities to prove their caliber at work. Tigers who do business, their business will develop very smoothly. However, they are also advised to make profits within familiar areas and choose to cooperate with reliable companies.

In terms of health, there are possibilities of getting hurt. To avoid possible injuries, Tiger people should better not attend dangerous activities like hunting or rock climbing. Also, be cautious of skin diseases.

Tiger's Horoscope in Month 8 (Sep. 3 to Oct. 2, 2024)

Tiger's horoscope in their career in the eighth lunar month will be flat. They are likely to face new challenges at work. It is difficult for them to adapt for a while. But it also could be a good chance to experience new things or for a good start. 

It is not a good month for single Tigers to find a girlfriend or boyfriend. Married Tigers, don't bring negative emotions from work to home, and they also need to spend more time with their partners to maintain their relationship. 

Tiger's Horoscope in Month 9 (Oct. 3 to Oc. 31, 2024)

According to Chinese zodiac luck prediction, Tiger people will have an upward trend in career and love this month.

At work, difficulties will be properly solved and they will achieve their short-term goals after stepping over many obstacles.

In terms of love relationships, singles have a good chance to find a compatible partner with common interests and get into a relationship. 

Tiger's Horoscope in Month 10 (Nov. 1 to Nov. 30, 2024)

Tigers will be very busy at work this month. To finish work on time, Tigers need to work overtime. The busyness of work corresponds to an increase in income. This month's horoscope is beneficial for making money, especially the income from work for Tigers.

However, Tiger people need to pay more attention to their health. They need to leave some time to get rest after work. Otherwise, their body's immunity will decrease.

Tiger's Horoscope in Month 11 (Dec. 1, to Dec. 30, 2024)

People born in the Year of the Tiger will have relatively stable luck this month. 

They will have many chances at work to make progress. Good performance at work will bring them a good return on income. 

In love relationships, single Tigers may have a chance to meet someone charming and start dating. The love life of married Tigers is peaceful but lacks romance. In the meantime, they should be careful to avoid extramarital affairs.

Tiger's Horoscope in Month 12 (Dec. 31, 2024 to Jan. 28, 2025)

In the last lunar month of 2024, Tiger people will be blessed with good luck and get a stable income from work, but they still need to be careful about potential risks in finance. Don't get involved in high-risk investments or lend money to others. 

2024 Predictions for Tigers Born in 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998…

The Chinese astrology theories think tigers born in different years may have different luck in their zodiac year 2024. Some tigers may be lucky this year, but most ones are bad luck. Will you be the lucky one? Let’s have a look.

Predictions for Tigers Born in 1962

Compared with other tigers, the tigers born in 1962 are generally more prosperous and stable this year.

Pay more attention to your health and emotions this year. Pay attention to personal safety when you go out. Beware of falls and bruises.

Predictions for Tigers Born in 1974

It is an unsmooth year for tigers born in 1974. There are troubles around you everywhere.

Your luck at work is not so bad. You can get help from your supervisors and boss when you need it. Some tigers may have a strong desire to change work, but they should think twice before they make their decisions. Their new job may be worse than the old one.

Pay attention to your health this year to avoid getting sick. You are more likely to suffer from the disease this year. Tigers should be careful not to get injured when they go out.

Predictions for Tigers born in 1986

It is a year of twists and turns for tigers born in 1986.

Tigers who work at police stations, customs, or fire stations may have a good performance in their work. They will be lucky enough to have the opportunity to get promoted. But they should pay attention to their relationships with their colleagues to avoid quarrels.

Business people are not doing well this year. They should be aware of the increased cost of operating.

Tigers, you should also pay attention to your relationships with your family members. There may be many quarrels between you.

Predictions for Tigers born in 1998

Tigers born in 1998 see many changes in 2024.

Male tigers should not expect too much in love this year. Single males can easily have quarrels with others because of their bad tempers. As a result, they will leave a very bad impression on females. It is suggested that tigers should take it easy and control their emotions. They will reap the harvest of love.

Work may not go well this year which makes the tiger people very irritable. They tend to be easy to lose their temper with their family members and friends, which may cause their relationships to become worse.

Tigers, if you want to improve your career this year, you need to keep calm. Otherwise, you may suffer from more troubles this year.

Predictions for Tigers born in 2010

Tigers born in the year 2010 have had very good luck in studying this year.

They will be motivated by their parents and teachers. They have more motivation to learn and will have a prosperous performance in their learning.

They should pay attention to their health especially in the early half of the year, when they may suffer from the disease.

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