Chinese Zodiac Tiger’s Horoscope in 2022

2022 is the year of the tiger. Is it a lucky year for the tiger people? It is believed most tigers are very unlucky this year, as they offend the God of Age, which will bring them bad luck.

But other tigers may be spoiled with very good fortune. Are you the lucky tiger? Let’s have a look.

Tiger's Horoscope 2022

Is 2022 a Lucky Year for Chinese Zodiac Tigers?

For most tigers, 2022 is an unlucky year in most aspects. Their careers and financial performance are very flat. Tigers should also be alert to small physical ailments this year. However, Tiger’s love fortune is very good this year. The single may meet the people with who they want to make a connection.

Tigers’ Wealth Prediction in 2022

Tiger people’s wealth fortune is flat this year. Hardship may occur in their business. But they can still make things go smooth if they can work harder.

For tigers who work in companies, their income may drop. Financial stress may come as a result of less income this year.

There is a possibility of money loss or even being at risk of debt in 2022 due to some unexpected changes in life. Tigers pay more attention to their wealth this year.

Tiger’s Career Fortune in 2022

For most tigers, don’t expect too many achievements in your career this year. Your fortune in your career is as flat as your wealth.

Tigers may have problems with their work. They sometimes make mistakes that result in criticism from their boss. Work pressure is increasing. Even they work very hard all year, they still earn less than the preview years.

Tigers’ Love Predictions in 2022

Congratulations, Tigers, you have very good luck in love this year.

Those who get married have a stable relationship with their spouses, with no major conflicts happening. Minor quarrels may occur, but they can be solved very quickly.

Single tigers are likely to come upon the person who he/she falls in love with at the first sight this year. So, tigers, the lucky stars are shining on you, take the opportunities to make a connection.

People of marriable age may enter marriage.

Tigers’ Health in 2022

There may be health problems for the tiger people. They may feel tired and faint because of hard work and life pressure. Take a proper break and be relaxing, otherwise, tiger people may fall into sickness.

Pay attention to your safety this year. Be careful when you are driving. It is said the chance you may have accidents are higher in your zodiac year.

Luck Predictions for Tigers Born in 1962, 1974, 1986,1998…

The Chinese astrology theories think tigers born in different years may have different luck in their zodiac year 2022. Some tigers may be lucky this year, but most ones are with bad luck. Will you be the lucky one? Let’s have a look”

Predictions for Tigers Born in 1938

Tiger people born in 1938 should pay attention to their health and safety this year. Beware of falls and bruises.

If you have health problems with your heart and have blood pressure, you should do regular check-ups.

Predictions for Tigers Born in 1950

For the tigers born in 1950, this may be an unsmooth year, especially in health. But if they can relax and pay attention to their health, they still can have a smooth year.

Predictions for Tigers Born in 1962

Compared with other tigers, the tigers born in 1962 are generally more prosperous and stable this year.

Pay more attention to your health and emotions this year. Pay attention to personal safety when you go out.

Predictions for Tigers Born in 1974

It is an unsmooth year for tigers born in 1974. There are troubles around you everywhere.

Your luck at work is not so bad. You can get help from your supervisors and boss when you need it. Some tigers may have a strong desire to change work, but they should think twice before they make their decisions. It is very possible their new job will be worse than the old ones.

Pay attention to your health this year to avoid getting sick. You are more likely to suffer from the disease this year. Tigers should be careful not to get injured when they go out.

Predictions for Tigers born in 1986

It is a year of twists and turns for tigers born in 1986.

Tigers who work at police stations, customs, or fire stations may have a good performance in their work. They will be lucky enough to have the opportunities to get promoted. But they should pay attention to their relationships with their colleagues to avoid quarrels.

Business people are not doing well this year. They should beware of the increased cost in operating.

Tigers, you should also pay attention to your relationships with your family members. There may be many quarrels between you.

Predictions for Tigers born in 1998

Tigers born in 1998 see many changes in 2022.

Male tigers should not expect too much in love this year. Single males can easily have quarrels with others because of their bad tempers. As a result, they will leave a very bad impression on females. It is suggested that tigers should take easy and control their emotions. They will reap the harvest of love.

Work may not go well this year which makes the tiger people become very irritable. They tend to be easy to lose their temper to their family members and friends, which may cause their relationship to become worse.

Tigers, if you want to improve your career this year, you need to keep calm. Otherwise, you may suffer from more troubles this year.

Predictions for Tigers born in 2010

Tigers born in the year of 2010 have very good luck in studying this year.

They will be motivated by their parents and teachers. They have more motivation to learn and will have a prosperous performance in their learning.

They should pay attention to their health especially in the early half of the year, when they may suffer from the disease.

How to be Lucky in 2022 for Tiger People

Tigers, wearing red may bring you good luck 2022. You may wear red underwear, red belts, red sockets, etc. at the Chinese New Year. Why not try?

Read more on how to be lucky in your zodiac year.

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