Goose Neck Park

Written by Vivian Updated Jun. 24, 2021

Goose Neck Park or Eling Park is located in Yuzhong District in Changjiang Road. The park was earlier called Edingling or Goose Nape Hill due to its steep and narrow shape that resembled the nape of a goose. The park was built in the year 1909 and had various special species of plants as well as a beautiful tower which provided views of the city.

Goose Neck Park is the highest location in the Chongqing Peninsula. The park is particularly well known as a great place to enjoy a nighttime view of the city. It is one of the oldest private gardens in the area.

Main Attractions

Goose Neck Park is located at the city’s crest and it graces the city with its miniature, delicate landscapes. The park is home to Mt. Jinyun, Wangshan, and Nanshan with their ancient trees as well as bamboo groves. Bathing and swimming in the local Hot Springs is another major attraction.

The zoo here is home to various rare animals like golden monkeys and pandas. There are also various other attractions to explore such as the Bonsai Garden, Tiger Terrace, and Sheng Bridge. In the Bonsai Garden, tourists can enjoy the beauty of bonsai and flowers, taste traditional Chinese tea and enjoy beautiful night views of the city. Various exhibitions are often organized in the park such as chrysanthemum exhibitions.

Due to its natural beauty and ideal location, Goose Neck Park has been recognized as a great place for resting and relaxing. Several famous personalities have visited the park such as Chen Cheng, Yan Xishan, He Yingqin, Song Ziwen, Sun Ke, Lin Sen, Feng Yuxiang, and Kuningtang Premier. The Australian Embassy had also been located in Goose Neck Park once.


Goose Neck Park is a great location for cooling down during the hot summer days. The park has a rope bridge and various attractions such as the Deng Building. This building is an ideal location to get a beautiful view of the entire city. It is particularly attractive at night when the city is ablaze with lights. The artwork and architecture of the area is traditional Chinese. The park had been built by a high-ranking official of the city and it has been a very popular location for the locals and tourists since its establishment.

During the Japan and China War, a British Ambassador had lived in the Goose Neck Park for five years. The Australian Embassy had also been located in the park. Comrade Li Da, He Long, Liu Bocheng, and Deng Xiaopeng had all lived here after the city’s liberation in the year 1949. The park had been renovated in 1958 when more trees and flowers had been planted, a Bonsai Garden was created, new pavilions had been built, and much more.

There is a very popular zoo located close to Goose Neck Park and it is home to various rare animals from around the world such as golden monkeys and giant pandas. The Chongqing museum also has various interesting displays of stone scriptures and dinosaur fossils and skeletons and is worth a visit.

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