Erhai Lake

Written by Vivian Updated Jun. 9, 2021

The Alpine fault lake of Yunnan Province, Erhai Lake is a popular destination for local and international travelers alike. The name translates to “Ear-Shaped Sea” based on observations of travelers and locals alike. The Erhai Lake is an amazing location close to major historic sites along the Dali Valley.

It also serves as the gateway to numerous natural locations and hiking destinations slithering alongside Cangshan Mountains. The area around Erhai Lake is beautiful, pristine, and perfect for activities like camping, cycling, and hiking. Adult travelers, teens, and adventure seekers will find a safe refuge around this majestic destination.

From a distance, the Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake make a beautiful cinematic introduction for those who want to enjoy some adventure especially when the lake reflects the towering mountain on the backdrop. For a massive lake like this, clear waters can be very rare. The water from the mountains is clean and clear, giving this lake a natural advantage over other lakes.

If you are interested in exploring the areas around the lake, you will find a number of great destinations. There are fishing villages, some ancient temples, towns as well as the primeval city of Dali. The quiet and slow lifestyle in the village is a great way to relax and take it easy. Enjoy the peaceful and traditional lifestyles of the people.

Erhai Lake Tour

Riding a Bike

For those who want to enjoy the actual Erhai Lake, the best way to explore is through riding a bike. People can ride boats and go to small islands where temples are built. Around Erhai Lake is a circuit ideal for cycling. Enjoy some fun cardio experience riding the bike with the lake, the villages, and the mountain as your backdrops.

You can also enjoy dining by the lakeside to eat those popular local cuisines. The food you at here will definitely be fresh since the fishermen get their fish from the lake. Thus, the Erhai Lake is not just a feast for the eyes and your mind, but also your tummy. Enjoy local fish at their freshest on one of the local diners in the area. Try the carp which is very popular. The water is clear and clean so you know the food is safe.

Go Hiking

You can also enjoy hiking, going from one historic site to another. A more touristy attraction here is Erhai Park, designed specifically for touristy purposes.

A Park Near Erhai Lake

If you want to visit the park beside Erhai Lake, you have to pay a very small fee of CNY 5.You can take Bus No. 6 coming from Xiaguan. From the ancient city, riding the bike or simply walking will only take 15 minutes to reach the park. Renting yachts and ships is a very common activity for tourists but one should take care and choose a good quality one. It is not ideal to go to the lake and boat around especially during cloudy or misty conditions.

To the northeastern section of Erhai Lake is Shuanglang or Double Corridors. It is a very popular destination around the lake where you can find the beaches of Luoshi and Lianhua. Due to their corridor-like appearance, the name Shuanglang was used to describe them. The water is clear with a tinge of green while the sand is soft and very lovely.

Travelers going to Erhai Lake will find themselves lost in all the incredible things to see and do around or on top of the lake. From the mysterious mountainsides, the edge of the lake, the small islands, ancient sites, fishing villages, and touristy parks, any traveler will find this area a great playground of sorts. More than just nature, you will also feel like decades back, where people live simpler and more traditional lifestyles.

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