Mingsha Sand Dune

Written by ivana Updated Jul. 6, 2021

The Mingsha Sand Dune is in the south of Dunhuang, 5 kilometers away from the city center. The sand mountain is famous for its flute-like sounds in the gale, thus its name Mingsha as "Loud Sand" in English. Accumulated by quicksand, it lies along the south of Dunhuang City like a sleeping dragon. Looking from further away, the mountain is full of rolling braes as if being carved delicately forming such breathtaking scenery.

Sliding down from the top, you can hear the sand singing amazingly softly resonating with your movements. Any footprints left on the sand will almost certainly disappear overnight. For thousands of years, it still stands gorgeously continuing to impress and being appreciated by countless climbers, visitors, and passers.

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