7-Day Dunhuang, Zhangye, and Ejinaqi Golden Autumn Tour

China Autumn boasts of colored scenery and pleasant weather. This 7 days tour will escort you to see the fall color in Gansu and Ejinaqi, you can not only experience the gorgeous landscape on the ancient silk road but also the Populus euphratica forest that transforms various colors in autumn.

Travel Tips: the best time to take this tour is in October.

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Based on 2 persons in 4-star hotel

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What to Expect

Browse the UNESCO wonder - Mogao Cave, with a number of grottoes filled with Buddhist statues.

Mogao Cave
Mogao Cave

Visit Echoing Sand Mountains and Crescent Spring, renowned as the oasis in the desert.

Echoing Sand Mountains and Crescent Spring
Echoing Sand Mountains and Crescent Spring

Marvel the "First Pass Under Heaven", one of the Ming Dynasty sections of the Great Wall.

First Pass Under Heaven

Jiayuguan-First Pass Under Heaven

Feast on the amazing autumn scenery of Populus euphratica forest turning yellow.

Ejinaqi Populus Euphratica Forest

Ejinaqi Populus Euphratica Forest

Have a breathtaking view of Danxia Geopark in Zhangye

Danxia Geopark in Zhangye

Danxia Geopark in Zhangye

Tour Itinerary

DAY 1 Arrive at Dunhuang, Airport Transfer (Dunhuang)
  • Dunhuang Hotel 4-Star
  • None

Arrival at Dunhuang Airport, your guide and driver will escort you to the hotel upon arrival.

DAY 2 Mogao caves, The Echoing Sand Mountains and Crescent Spring, Riding on a Camel
  • Dunhuang Hotel 4-Star
  • Breakfast, Lunch

After breakfast, head for the UNESCO wonders of Mogao Cave, and enjoy the well-preserved paintings and sculptures that originate 2000 years ago.

Then to the Echoing-Sand Mountains and Crescent Spring, you will see the oasis in the desert, and the chance to take a camel ride around the dunes of Mingsha Shan.

Good to Know: There are limited restaurant options in this area, however, our guide will organize the best available based on the season and the surroundings.

DAY 3 Our guide and driver will escort you from Dunhuang to Jiayuguan, The Jiayuguan Pass, The Great Wall on the Cliff
  • Holidays Plaza Hotel 4-Star
  • Breakfast, Lunch

After breakfast, we will escort you from Zhangye to Jiayuguan Pass, built as one of the strategic importance in the history of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty. Climb up the steep steps and can view the Gobi desert.

7 km north of Jiayu Pass is The Great Wall on the Cliff, quite amazing to see this Section of the “Suspended Wall” of the Great Wall.

DAY 4 Our guide and driver will escort you from Jiayuguan to Ejina Qi, Heicheng Ruins, Strange Forest
  • Tai Hao International Hotel 4-Star
  • Breakfast, Lunch

Drive from Jiayuguan to Ejin Qi in the morning to Heicheng Ruins, the stunning ancient ruins surrounded by a beautiful desert and you can easily spend almost 2 hours strolling around.

The Strange Forest is located by the Heicheng Ruins where you can see dead trees of different shapes, and go for the spectacular sunset view of the desert.

DAY 5 Ejina Qi Populus Euphratica Forest
  • Tai Hao International Hotel 4-Star
  • Breakfast, Lunch

The best time to visit Ejina Qi Populus euphratica is in October when you can see the large-scale autumn foliage with beautiful yellow leaves. How a breathtaking view of nature.

DAY 6 Ejina Qi to Zhangye, Qicai Danxia Geopark
  • Jinyang international hotel 4-Star
  • Breakfast, Lunch

Drive from Ejina Qi to Zhangye Qicai Danxia Geopark, worth and efforts to visit the unique landform of rainbow mountains.

Inside the park is quite well-designed, that you can easily stroll around, and easy access to viewing points while having a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

DAY 7 Grand Buddha Temple, Zhangye Departure
  • Breakfast

After breakfast, the guide will escort you to the Grand Buddha Temple, The largest indoor reclining Buddha lies inside the temple, and the ancient paintings and carvings are well-maintain.

Drive to Zhangye airport for your onward destination.

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