The Best Time to Visit the Great Wall

Written by Sally Guo Updated Jul. 25, 2023

You can visit the Great Wall any time of the year. But saying which time is the 'best' isn't easy. How much you enjoy your visit often depends on good plans. If your trip isn't well organized, even perfect weather and beautiful views might not make it great.

If you ask about weather and scenery, spring and autumn are often the best times to go. The weather is usually nice and warm then.

Visiting the Great Wall in Spring (March to May)

The Great Wall in Spring

Spring is a great time to visit because the weather is usually pleasant. Plus, the big tourist crowds haven't shown up yet, so the Wall is more peaceful.

Weather: Generally, the climate starts to warm up from the end of March, with occasional chilly days. By April and May, there should be warm and comfortable weather that makes spring one of the most suitable seasons to visit the Great Wall, with an average daytime temperature of 11°–24°C (52°–75°F). 

Scenery: Spring is full of vigor, as everything comes to life. Trees and plants turn green, while flowers come into full bloom. The Wall will thus be surrounded by abundant flora and fauna, presenting lively views to its visitors.

Travel Tips:

Visiting the Great Wall in Summer (June to August)

Visiting the Great Wall in summer

Summer brings hot weather and it's also the busiest time for travel. But with good planning, you can still have a fantastic trip to the Great Wall.

Weather: Temperatures in this season increase swiftly from June, and reach their peak in July and August, with an average temperature of 30°C (86°F). The Great Wall, however, is far away from the central city, and visitors will feel cooler as they ascend higher.

Alongside its sweltering temperatures, Beijing’s summer also brings most of the annual precipitation, due to the influence of the southeast humid monsoon winds.

Scenery: Under the bright sunshine, the wall looks like a glittering dragon winding up and down the hillsides, surrounded by lush forests and wildflowers. Visitors who climb to the top of the fortification will enjoy a splendid view, with cool breezes to caress their faces.  

Travel Tips:

Visiting the Great Wall in Autumn (September to November) 

Visitng the Great Wall in autumn

Considering the weather and views, autumn is the best time to visit. The climate is just right, not too hot or cold. It's also a popular time for travel. To avoid crowds, ask a local travel company to arrange the trip for you as they know the area well. 

Weather: With average temperatures ranging from 8°C (46°F) to 18°C (64°F), autumn in Beijing is generally cool and dry, which makes this season the best time for travel. The weather, however, tends to be changeable, with occasional rainy days and sudden cold snaps.

Scenery: When autumn arrives, trees start to dress in colorful new clothes, and whole mountain ranges surrounding the wall are thus carpeted in red, gold, yellow, and brown.

It is a wonderful time of year for travelers to admire the magnificent feat of engineering, meandering across deserts, grasslands, plateaus, and mountains, below a blue sky and white clouds.  

Travel Tips:

Visiting the Great Wall in Winter (December to February) 

Visit the Great Wall in witner

Winter is the least crowded time at the Great Wall, and it's cheaper to travel then too. You can enjoy some peaceful moments on the Wall during this season. 

Weather: Most days during Beijing’s winter are chilly and windy, with sudden cold snaps often hitting the city, lowering the temperatures to below freezing. There may be some snowfall.  

Scenery: A layer of snow may cover the Great Wall and surrounding mountains, providing a spectacular snowy scene. With fewer tourists in this season, the panoramic view of this splendid giant dragon may feel exclusive to you.

Travel Tips:

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