Canton Fair Travel 2024 - A Complete Guide to the 136th Canton Fair

Written by Sally Guo Updated Mar. 15, 2024

The Canton Fair, also known as the China Import and Export Fair, is a biannual trade fair that takes place in Guangzhou.

Organized by the China Foreign Trade Centre, the Canton Fair showcases a wide range of products from various industries. It is the largest trade fair in China, attracting thousands of exhibitors and buyers from all over the world.

The Canton Fair 2024 opens on October 15th, 2024. You are suggested to take advantage of your free time to explore Guangzhou or nearby cities during the Canton Fair.

Can Anyone Go to the Canton Fair 2024?

You can attend the Canton Fair as long as you have a valid China visa, passport, and entry badge.

To get an entry badge, you are required to register an account at the Canton Fair Official Website. Then, you can get a free badge and get a China visa invitation letter.

Alternatively, you may consider purchasing an entry ticket from local vendors. The ticket price for the Canton Fair ranges from approximately RMB350 to RMB500.

Canton Fair Dates 2024

The Canton Fair is held twice a year in the spring and fall. The dates of the fair are from the middle of April to early May in spring, and from the middle of October to early November in autumn.

The Canton Fair 2024 opens on October 15th, 2024.

  Canton Fair Spring Canton Fair Autumn
Phase 1 April 15 - 19 October 15 - 19 
Phase 2 April 23 - 27 October 23 - 27
Phase 3 May 1 - 5 October 31 - November 4

Canton Fair Opening Hours

During the fair period, the exhibition hall will be open from 9:30 to 18:00 (Beijing Time).

Canton Fair Phases Schedule

The Canton Fair is divided into three phases, each lasting for five days. Usually, a 2-day visit is sufficient for each phase. You do not need the full five days of each phase.

Canton Fair Phase 1 (Apr. 15-19 and Oct 15-19)

The first phase typically focuses on electronics, household appliances, lighting equipment, vehicles and accessories, machinery, hardware tools, building materials, chemical products, building materials, and new energy resources.

Canton Fair Phase 2 (Apr. 23-27 and Oct. 23-27)

The second phase centers on daily consumer goods, gifts, furniture, and house decorations.

Canton Fair Phase 3 (May. 1-5 and Oct. 31 to Nov. 4)

The third phase is dedicated to textiles and clothing, footwear, office and leisure products, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, and food.

Canton Fair Location

The Canton Fair is held at the China Import and Export Fair Complex.

Canton Fair Location Map
A Map of Canton Fair Location

How to Get to the Canton Fair from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

1. Subway

The Guangzhou Metro system has several lines that connect the airport to the city. The Canton Fair’s location is near the Pazhou subway station, it is easily accessible by subway.

You can take Metro Line 3 (North Extension) towards Tiyu Xilu (体育西路). Get off at Tiyu Xilu Station and take another Line 3 to Kecun (客村).

Get off at Kecun Station, and transfer to Line 8 towards Pazhou (琶洲). Get off at Xianggang Dong Station (新港东) and take Exit A or get off at Pazhou Station and take Exit C. Follow the signs to the Canton Fair Complex.

The journey from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to the Canton Fair by subway takes approximately 1 hour. It is recommended to avoid rush hours if possible, as the subway can get very crowded during peak times. The metro operates from around 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Guangzhou Metro Map

2. Taxi

Taxis are available at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. It can take you directly to the Canton Fair.

The ride takes approximately 55 minutes, and the fare may be around 150-200 RMB, depending on the traffic and the time of the day.

3. Private Transfer

If you prefer a more comfortable and convenient option, it is recommended you book a private transfer with us. Our guide will wait for you at the exit of the airport with your name sign no matter when you arrive in Guangzhou.

The cost varies depending on the vehicle type, but it is usually around 400-600 RMB. Feel free to contact us.

How to Get to the Canton Fair from Hong Kong

Hong Kong to Canton Fair
A comparison table outlining various travel options from Hong Kong to the Canton Fair.

1. Ferry

Located in downtown Guangzhou (Haizhu District), the Pazhou Ferry Terminal (琶洲港澳客运口岸) opened in 2023.

Get to Canton Fair by Ferry from Hong Kong International Airport

You can take a ferry from Skypier at Hong Kong Airport to the Canton Fair directly, with no need to go through immigration and reclaim your baggage in Hong Kong.

Buy ferry tickets at HKIA, board the ferry at SkyPier, and go through customs at Guangzhou Pazhou Ferry Terminal.

Upon arrival at Pazhou Port, it takes about 15 minutes to walk to the Canton Fair Complex.

It is the most convenient way to get to Canton Fair from Hong Kong Airport.

Hong Kong Airport to Pazhou
six simple steps on how to travel from Hong Kong Airport to the Canton Fair

Here is the schedule for the ferry between Pazhou Ferry Terminal and SkyPier at Hong Kong International Airport.

Hong Kong Airport to Pazhou Pazhou to Hong Kong Airport
08:15-10:15 09:30-11:30
12:00-14:00 11:30-13:30
14:45-16:45 15:30-17:30

Here are the ticket costs for the ferry between Pazhou and SkyPier at Hong Kong Airport.

  SkyPier (HKIA) to Pazhou Pazhou to SkyPier (HKIA)
Standard Class CNY 260 CNY 180 CNY 360 CNY 260
Premium Class CNY 330 CNY 250 CNY 420 CNY 320
Luxurious Class CNY 1740 CNY 1740 CNY 1980 CNY 1980

Get to Canton Fair by Ferry from Downtown Hong Kong

If you have stayed in downtown Hong Kong and would like to take a ferry from China Ferry Terminal to get to Canton Fair, here is the schedule for your reference.

HK China Ferry Terminal to Pazhou Pazhou to HK China Ferry Terminal
14:30-17:00 10:00-12:30

Here are the ticket costs for the ferry between Pazhou Ferry Terminal and China Ferry Terminal at Tsim Sha Tsui.

Standard Class CNY 220 CNY 130 CNY 170
Premium Class CNY 280 CNY 160 CNY 230
Luxurious Class CNY 1280 CNY 1280 CNY 1280

The above child price is only applicable to children under 5 years old. Senior citizens aged 60 and above can buy senior tickets, but they are only available for purchase at the ticket counter and cannot be bought online.

If you would like to book ferry tickets from Hong Kong to the Canton Fair, please contact us!

2. High-Speed Train

Take a train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou South Railway Station, which is approximately 50 kilometers from the Canton Fair Complex.

You need to go through immigration and customs first, then take the airport express to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station.

The train journey takes around 1-1.5 hours and costs around USD 28-92 depending on different seat classes.

From Guangzhou South Railway Station, you can take a taxi or the metro to the Canton Fair. The train station is approximately 25 kilometers from the Canton Fair Complex, and it takes around 40-60 minutes to get there.

For more details, read How to Get to Guangzhou from Hong Kong.

3. Private Transfer

If you prefer a more comfortable and convenient option, it is recommended you book a private transfer with us.

With a private transfer, you can avoid the hassle of navigating public transportation and enjoy a comfortable and efficient journey directly to the fair. Additionally, our services are tailored to your needs, with options for luxury cars or larger vehicles for groups. This allows for greater flexibility in your travel plans, ensuring you arrive at the fair refreshed and ready to conduct business.

Recommended Hotels for the Canton Fair Complex

Canton Fair Hotel Map
A Map of Recommended Hotels for the Canton Fair Travel

Recommended Hotels near the Canton Fair Complex

Here are the top 3 hotels we highly recommend for business travelers who want to stay close to the Canton Fair Complex. These hotels are conveniently located within walking distance from the fair, offering both comfort and convenience.

1. Shangri-La Guangzhou (5-star): This hotel boasts spacious rooms, a wide range of facilities, and a rooftop bar with stunning views of the city. You can enjoy Cantonese cuisine at the hotel's signature restaurant, and the hotel also features a state-of-the-art fitness center and an outdoor pool.

2. The Westin Pazhou (5-star): This hotel offers elegant rooms with spectacular river views, making it the perfect place to relax after a long day at the fair. You can enjoy a variety of dining options, including a seafood buffet and a Japanese restaurant, as well as access to the hotel's fitness center and indoor pool.

3. Langham Place Guangzhou (5-star): This hotel features stylish rooms with modern amenities, including a fully equipped kitchenette in every room. You can enjoy a range of dining options, including a rooftop bar and a Cantonese restaurant, as well as access to the hotel's fitness center and indoor pool.

Recommended Hotels in Old Downtown

If you prefer to stay away from the crowded hotels near the Canton Fair, here are three recommended hotels located in Guangzhou's historic city center.

1. Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre (5-star): This hotel offers a central location with easy access to Guangzhou's main attractions.

2. White Swan Hotel (5-star): This iconic hotel overlooks the scenic Pearl River and offers a peaceful escape from the bustling city. It boasts a beautiful garden, an outdoor pool, and a variety of dining options.

3. Ocean Hotel (4-star): Situated near Yuexiu Park and overlooking the beautiful Liuhua Lake, this hotel offers comfortable rooms and suites with stunning views.

Best Places to Visit in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in China. With its rich cultural heritage and modern amenities, Guangzhou has a lot to offer for visitors who are attending the Canton Fair. Here are some of the best places to visit in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Attraction Map
A Map of Popular Tourist Attractions in Guangzhou

1. Canton Tower

Canton Tower is the second tallest tower in China and one of the top tourist attractions in Guangzhou. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city from the observation deck.

2. Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall is a beautiful example of traditional Cantonese architecture. The hall was built in the late 19th century and is now a museum of folk arts and crafts.

3. Shamian Island

Shamian Island is a beautiful, peaceful oasis in the middle of the bustling city. The island features colonial architecture, tree-lined streets, and tranquil parks. Take a stroll along the waterfront and enjoy the views of the Pearl River.

4. Qingping Market

Qingping Market is a traditional Chinese market that offers a glimpse into the local way of life. The market features a wide variety of goods, including fresh produce, seafood, and traditional Chinese medicines.

5. Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

The Temple of the Six Banyan Trees is a Buddhist temple that dates back over 1,400 years. The temple is known for its beautiful architecture and the towering pagoda that can be seen from miles away.

6. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is a beautiful memorial to the founder of modern China. The hall features beautiful gardens and a museum that displays artifacts related to Sun Yat-sen's life and work.

7. Yuexiu Park

Yuexiu Park is a large park in the heart of Guangzhou. It is home to several attractions, including the Five Rams Sculpture, the Guangzhou Museum, and the Ming Dynasty City Wall.

Recommended Destinations for Canton Fair Business Trip

Apart from your business trip to the Canton Fair, China offers many other popular tourist destinations that are worth exploring. Here are some recommendations.

1. Guilin

Guilin is a beautiful city known for its breathtaking natural scenery, and it's only a short distance (3.5 hours by bullet train) from Guangzhou.

If you have some extra time after the Canton Fair, we highly recommend taking a trip to Guilin. Take a scenic boat ride down the Li River, hike the stunning karst mountains, and visit charming local villages.

2. Beijing

As the capital of China, Beijing boasts a rich history and culture, with iconic landmarks such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven.

Traveling from Guangzhou to Beijing by flight only takes 2.5 hours. Moreover, Beijing has multiple international airports that offer convenient flights to many destinations worldwide, making it an excellent option for your return journey.

These are just a few of the many exciting travel destinations that China has to offer. We hope you have a memorable trip and discover the beauty of this fascinating country. Please feel free to contact us and tell us your travel preference, we can tailor-make a unique itinerary to meet your needs.

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