Six Harmonious Pagoda

Written by Ruru Zhou Updated Aug. 31, 2021

Located on the Yuelun Hill and overlooking the south of West Lake and Qiantang River, Liuhe Pagoda, which is also called Six Harmonious Pagoda is one of the elegant masterpieces of ancient Chinese architecture. It was constructed during the Northern Song Dynasty to calm the tidewater of the Qiantang River, whose name came from the Buddhist doctrine.

What to See

Chinese Architecture

The Liuhe Pagoda is a beautiful and tranquil place. When walking on the 200 wood stairs and climbing the pagoda, travelers will see lots of bird and fish sculptures on the wall. The red and blue shades used for the colors in these paintings and roof brackets are brilliant.

While walking through the narrow path up to the top of the pagoda, the culture of ancient Chinese architecture is a light spot.

The Tidewater

On August 18th of the lunar year, it is the best time to visit Liuhe Pagoda. The biggest tidal phenomenon takes place in the Qiantang River this time every year. The top of Liuhe Pagoda is the best place to watch the spectacular tidewater. There are thousands of people waiting to watch it on the dyke of the river.

Legend on the Pagoda

While there is a story spread among folks. In ancient times, the god of the Qiantang River, the Dragon King who was very fierce and brutal and always brought rainstorms and billowed to the farmland of the farmers living nearby. The farmland was always swallowed. There was a fishing child called Liuhe. His father was drowned while his mother was swept away by the billow.

Luihe was so distressed that he threw big stones into the river to calm it. The Dragon King could not stand for the shaking of the Crystal Palace, so he paid a lot of money and treasure to reach an agreement with Liuhe.

Liuhe put forward that the Dragon King must set his mother free and not bring any disaster to the people. From then on, the people nearby lived a tranquil life. In the story, the Liuhe Pagoda was built on the hill where Liuhe threw stones for appreciating him.

Sights Nearby

In addition, from the top of the pagoda, there are greenery forests and Hangzhou’s skyscrapers. From the entrance, not only the pagoda but some pavilions, statuary, and several gardens can be seen.

Near the Liuhe Pagoda, there are Lingshan Cave, Song City, and Thousand-island lake and performance of “Impression of West Lake”. 

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