Inner Mongolia Museum

Inner Mongolia Museum, which was founded on the occasion of the tenth anniversary (May 1, 1957) of the establishment of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (aka Inner Mongolia), is also a regional if not a quasi-national (all ethnic "nationalities" of China are of course of "Chinese nationality") museum in the sense that it is a window on the Mongolian culture of this proud autonomous ethnic region.

Inner Mongolia Museum is located in the heart of Hohhot and is thus accessible to all of the inhabitants of the city as well as being easily accessible to tourists from both near and far. The museum buildings themselves cover an area of some 7,000 square meters, but comprise an exhibition area twice as large, namely, 15,000 square meters in total. The musuem's many exhibitions display the history of the local populace as well as trace an important chapter in the evolution of the earth's early inhabitants - both man and animal - in this part of the world.

This comprehensive museum, which consists of a number of halls replete with items of ethnic Mongolian origin as well as archeological and anthropological artifacts predating the area's Mongolian history, contains over 100,000 objects of historical, cultural, archeological or anthropological interest, which are categorized into 4 separate classes depending on the object's identifying characteristics:

1) Welwitschiopsida fossil specimens of Inner Mongolia (the welwitschiopsida is a plant native to the region, considered by botanists as a "living fossil"). These fossil specimens reflect a survey of welwitschiopsida fossils in general, and offer a peek into the biological process of evolution as well as a glimpse of the manifold scope of mother nature. Here the visitor can also see the fossils of numerous types of dinosaurs, and can trace the evolutionary process of the prehistoric mammals that once roamed this region.

2) Mongolian historical heritage.

3) Ancient ethic cultural relics of Inner Mongolia. With its extensive ethnic Mongolian collection, Inner Mongolia Museum ranks as the foremost museum in China as regards ethic cultural artifacts.

4) Modern historical relics of Inner Mongolia. Most of these items reflect the region's revolutionary history, from imperial times down to the present.


Inner Mongolia Museum is located at 51Xianghua Street, in the newer urban area of Hohhot.

How to Get There?

The museum is serviced by bus routes 3, 15, and 20.

Ticket Price

CNY 10 per person.

Opening Hours

From 8:00AM to 7:00PM.

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