Jiuzhaigou Weather - Best Time to Visit Jiuzhaigou

Written by ivana Updated Jul. 12, 2021

Jiuzhaigou, with an elevation of about 3 kilometers, enjoys a plateau humid climate. It features huge difference in temperature between day and night. The peaks of mountains are covered with snow all year round. There is a little rainfall in Jiuzhaigou, with the annual rainfall of less than 600 mm, and mainly concentrates in July and August. The snow falls heavily from December to the following February each year. The hottest days fall in July, with the average temperature of 17 ℃, and the coldest days fall in January, with the average temperature of 3 ℃. The temperature drops a lot in the morning and evening. Thus, it’s advisable to bring warm clothes even though in summer period.

Best Time to Visit

Jiuzhaigou boasts a seasonal natural beauty throughout the year, namely the blooming flowers in spring, flowing waterfalls in summer, red maples in autumn and white snow in winter. Thus, it’s worthwhile to visit Jiuzhaigou all the year round. The best periods to visit Jiuzhaigou are from April to November, especially from late spring to early autumn. Besides, it should be noticed that the peak traveling period is during the first week of October when Jiuzhaigou is overcrowded and it’s a little bit inconvenient for transportation and accommodation.

Spring (March to May)

Spring lasts from March to May in Jiuzhaigou, with changeable weather condition. In spring, the average temperature ranges from 9 ℃to 18 ℃. Though the temperature begins to rebound, the frozen soil and remained snow will not disappear until April. The average temperature is 9 ℃ in March, 14 ℃ in April and 17 ℃ in May. There is sufficient sunshine in the daytime, but there is large temperature difference in the day and night. For packing, long-sleeved coats, sweaters, sunglasses and umbrellas are necessary.

Summer (June to September)

Summer lasts for 4 months, from June to September, with the average temperature ranging from 19 ℃ to 22℃. The temperature rebounds quickly and remains stable. It’s relatively cold at night, thus, warm clothes are still needed in case of catching cold. The average temperature is 20℃ in June, 22℃ in July, 22℃ in August and 17℃ in September. Rainy period lasts from July to August, accounting for 80% of the whole year. For packing, umbrellas, raincoats, sunglasses, sunhats and sun cream are necessary.

Autumn (October to November)

Autumn, lasting from October to November in Jiuzhaigou, with comfortable weather condition, can be ranked as the most beautiful season of Jiuzhaigou. The temperature ranges from 7℃ to 18℃ and there is large temperature difference between day and night. The frozen oil appears after late October.

The average temperature is 13℃ in October and 8℃ in November. For packing, thick coats, cotton-padded jackets, sunglasses and sunhats are needed.

Winter (December to February)

Winter lasts from December to February in Jiuzhaigou, with the average temperature of about 4 ℃. There is huge temperature difference between day and night, namely the sunny daytime and chilly night. The average temperature is 3℃ in December, 2℃ in January and 4℃ in February. There is frequent snowfall during this season. For packing, cold protective clothing, gloves, scarf, raincoats, down jackets and cotton-padded jackets are necessary.

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