Dynamic Yunnan Show

Yunnan Impression Show, is a magnificent and original song and dance performance organized by the famous Chinese dancer, Ms. Yang Liping. In the show, different types of dances are performed to show the features of various minority tribes in Yunnan province. With the colorful light brightening on the stage, the grand show is both vivid and gorgeous, coordinating with the dancers’ energetically performing their traditional types of dances.

The highlight and the classical dance is the peacock dance. There will be one of the dancers performs the peacock dance. The dance will imitate the lifelike movement of the peacock with her flexible limbs. The show is aimed at telling the audience that the universe, nature and culture can be mixed together and we should cherish the strong hope to lead our lives and to praise our life.


The Dynamic Yunnan Show tells a story showing the big comparison between the past and today, tradition and modern life. The elite of original and traditional songs and classical folk dances are converged in one performance. The artistic directors use their ability of reorganization and creative imagination, combine the graceful Yunnan minorities dance and songs with the power of modern stage striking effect to present a wonderful show to the audience.

The abundant culture of Yunnan minorities is shown again right before the audience in the straightest way on stage with shocking effects. The audience will be amazed at the vibrant colors, resplendent costumes, fluent dances, and ancient tunes.

The Producer of the Performance

Yang Liping is one of China's best-known dancers. Her peacock dance is famous all over the world. This is the first production produced, directed and choreographed by the famous dancer. When she was twenty years ago, the first prize in a national dance competition was won by the youthful genius female dancer.

At that time, "The Spirit of the Peacock" became famous after performing on the international stage. Because of the shocking performance on the universal stage, she is famous to be regarded as the "Peacock Princess" in China.

In order to design and direct such a wonderful Dynamic Yunnan Show and made it to the best effect, Ms. Yang Liping gathered over 60 highly talented dancers and singers from all over the world spending several years. Dance is filled in the life of the original inhabitant performers. The passions of the dancers come from the enthusiasm of their lives and hearts. Their every movement of their bodies expresses their celebration to create a powerful artistic force.

Nearby Attractions

The Dynamic Yunnan Show concentrates the natural beauty into a show. After appreciating, visitors can go into the nature of Yunnan and enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful scenery and the local culture. Sani Minority Villages and Yi Ethnic Village is a good choice to get close to the local ethnic and culture.


Yunnan Art Theatre, No.132-134, Dongfeng West Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province 

How to Get There?

Visitors can take the bus 5, 10, 62, 66, 98, 26 to the Kunming Conference Hall stop.

Ticket Price

RMB 180/Person

Opening Hours

20:00 PM to 21:40 PM from Monday to Saturday

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