Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Written by Vivian Updated Jun. 11, 2021

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the holy mountain of the Naxi people and also the must-see scenic spot in Lijiang. Glaciers on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain are more than eight million years old.

So how to explore such a beautiful snow mountain? Let’s take a look.

Basic Information

Yulong ("Jade Dragon") Snow Mountain lies about 20 kilometers north of the city of Lijiang in the northwest corner of Yunnan Province. The mountain, which covers a total area of some 400 square kilometers, stretches about 32 kilometers in a roughly north-south direction, and about 13 kilometers in a roughly east-west direction. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain faces Haba Snow Mountain, with Tiger Leaping Gorge - and at its bottom, the Yangtze River, aka Jinsha River here in its upper reaches - barely separating them.

Ticket price

Entrance tickets

Smart tips:

Ropeway tickets

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is close to Lijiang Ancient Town so some visitors may prefer to explore Jade Dragon Snow Mountain themselves to join a tour group. However, we recommend individual travelers book the ropeway tickets of the Mountain in advance. You can buy the ropeway tickets on the Wechat official account of the Mountain. The ropeway tickets are issued at 7 am every day. In peak season, the ropeway tickets will be sold out quickly. Individual travelers are difficult to buy cable tickets themselves. We highly suggest you follow a tour group or book a private tour with a travel agency in peak season.

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Tour route

Entrance of Yulong Mountain Scenic Spot -- Glacier Park -- Blue Moon Valley (Baishui River) -- Ganhaizi -- Impression of Lijiang/Lijiang through the ages

After arriving at the entrance of Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area, all cars can only park in the parking lot. Within the scenic area, visitors can only take electric vehicles. Go down from the Jade Dragon snow Mountain, you can take the electric car to the Blue Moon Valley scenic area. There are electric cars between each scenic spot in the Blue Moon Valley, but they charge an extra 50 yuan. It usually takes about 40 minutes to walk. It is recommended to walk but please also consider individual physical condition.

Should I Bring Oxygen to Visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain?

The highest altitude of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is 5,596 meters, and the highest altitude of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Glacier Park is 4,680 meters, which is also the highest altitude you can reach in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain scenic area.

Whether buying a bottle of oxygen or not, depends on your physical condition. A bottle of Oxygen can be used for 30-45 minutes.

Smart tips:

What to Wear on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain? 

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is at a very high sea level. The temperature on the mountain is much lower than at the foot of the mountain. A down coat is necessary on the mountain, even in July and August.

If you want to keep your luggage light, you can rent a down coat at the foot of the mountain.

Is There an Age Limit on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain?

There is no age limit on Yulong Snow Mountain. Children and old people can do it according to their own physical condition. However, it is not recommended for the elderly with cardio-cerebrovascular disease or hypertension.

How to Get to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain?


There are direct buses to Snow Mountain between 9 am and 5 pm. The price is RMB40 per person. You can take the buses at the Yuhe Parking Lot, South Gate Parking Lot, Lijun Hotel, and Shuhe Gate around the ancient city. You can buy tickets at 2-3 Zone C of the Yuhe Corridor, the passenger terminal station, and the high-speed passenger station.

Rent a car

It costs about RMB200-300 per day.

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