Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Ski Resort

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Ski Resort is the highest ski resort in China with an elevation of 4,500-4,700 meters above sea level.

Dragon Snow Ski Resort has long been famous for its pure, unspoiled, natural snow resulting from its high altitude. The Ski Resort is around 4500 meters to 4700 meters above sea level and is covered with snow all year round. The ski parks measure 1,000 meters in length and 600 meters in width.

The ski season in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Ski Resort time begins in November and continues until the next June, which offers skiers opportunities to enjoy skiing in late spring.

Many skiers have been drawn to Jade Dragon Ski Resort for its picturesque scenery. While skiing, you can enjoy a bird's-eye view of the alpine lakes, rivers, grasslands below, and all types of modern glaciers scattering around. Shanzidou Peak, the highest peak looks to an only meter higher in front of you but it is around 5.700 meters above sea level and remains as one of the unconquered mountains.

The first construction phase for the ski resort has been finished. Activities at the resort include alpine ski, ski-doo, sled, and other entertainment on the snow./p>

Best skiing time: from November to next March when the snow scenery is most beautiful and the snow is deepest.

Opening Seasons: November to early May in the next year.

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