National Peony Garden

The National Peony Garden was established in 1978 and has been engaged in collecting and breeding different kinds of peonies as a state-run nursery since the establishment, The Ministry of Forestry and the State Forestry Bureau authorized the garden to set up the national gene pool of peony in 1992 and the national peony garden of Luoyang of China " in March of 2003 respectively.

The whole cultivation area of this garden is 46.667 hectares, with more than 800,000 tree peonies. There are 7 breeds of wild peonies, including the purple spot peony, short-breed peony of Jishan, ovum-leaf tree peony, Yang Mountain peony, Sichuan peony, narrow-leaf peony, big- yellow-flower peony, etc., The peonies can fall into four major strains, that is, the Central Plains tree peony, the northwest tree peony, the southwest tree peony, and the South tree peony, etc., There are in total nine different colors,(black, red, blue, green, purple, yellow, white, and assorted colors, etc.), 500 or more horticulture breeds, and 116 kinds of peonies from Japan, U.S.A. France, and so on, More than 70 new varieties of the tree peonies have been cultivated in this garden, which boasts of the most varieties at home at present, the best-cultivating skill, and the highest ornamental value, and has been known around the world.

The peonies of Luoyang are best all over the world, and the air of the whole city is filled with fragrance during the blooming season in April when hundreds of thousands of tree peonies show their glamour and grace. Numerous visitors are attracted by the beautiful flowers and the garden has already become a famous scenic spot during the peony fair of Luoyang where the visitors from home and abroad can admire the beauty of the peony flowers.


by the side of 301 national highway, Luoyang City

How to Get There?
Visitors can get there by Bus No. 51 at the railway station to the National Peony Garden

Ticket Price

CNY 55 per person

Opening Hours

08:00 AM - 19:30 PM

More Tips

From April 1st to May 10th every year, there held Peony Flower Show in Luoyang. It is the best time for tourists to visit the garden.

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