Shanghai Night Street Snack Food Adventure

How to get know the local’s real lives? Tasting their daily food and experiencing their nightlife will let you see more and feel more about the people of this city. On this tour, we’ll head to two of the city’s night markets to taste delicious and famous Shanghai snacks.

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Our guide will meet you at Exit 1 of Tilan Bridge Station (on Subway Line 12) to start your food adventure trip. During this half-day experience trip, we will go to the most typical areas of Shanghai in order to taste the real local food of the city.

Firstly we will search the four “king kongs” (si da jingang in Chinese) of Shanghai. What’s that? This is the collective name given to the four most popular street snacks: fried dough sticks, pancakes, rice rolls, and soybean milk. Find them and taste them to learn about the local culture of Shanghai.

Then, we will take a taxi or get the subway with the guide to Shouning Road to taste more snacks and spend an evening with Shanghai’s locals. The ingredients of these street snacks cover diverse food materials, some of which you might think "How could this be eatable" or "Can it be eaten in this way". So it can also be an adventure for seeing the cooking processes and tasting these unbelievable street snacks.

End our food trip at 21:30; please back to your hotel by yourself.

- Smart Tips:

Go to Exit 1 of Tilan Bridge Station (on Subway Line 12) by yourself. You are suggested to take a taxi or by subway to go there. You will taste four 'king kongs' of Shanghai, an extra fee will be applied if you need to try more food.

Shanghai snacks
Shanghai snacks

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