Sisters Meal Festival in Guizhou Tour

Sisters'Meal Festival is actually Valentine's Day for the Miao people in Guizhou. During 6-day, a wonderful scroll of exotic lifestyles and traditions will be unfolded for you.

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Tour Itinerary

DAY 1Entrance City to Guiyang
  • None

Arrive in Guiyang, the provincial capital of Guizhou Province, you will see our local Guiyang tour guide already waiting for you. Check-in the hotel and relax for the rest of today.

- Smart Tips:

  • If you haven't booked your flight or train to enter Guiyang, please contact us.
  • This tour package is quoted based on 4-star accommodation, please refer to our travel advisors if you need to change hotels.
  • Want to explore the city? Ask your tour guide for tips.
DAY 2 Cultural Village in Tianlong, Our guide and driver will escort you from Guiyang to Anshun, Huangguoshu Waterfall, and Tianxing Qiao Scenic Area, Our guide and driver will escort you from Anshun to Guiyang
  • Breakfast, Lunch

Beautiful, powerful, and wonderful, is the magnificent Huangguoshu Waterfall. Its spectacular views would make this trip worthy. Later, we will visit Tianlong Village, where we will watch an interesting opera that is known as Ground Opera or Dixi. Ground Opera dates back to the Ming Dynasty and is a special form of art offered to gods that also entertains the people.

We will get to learn about another old art: wax printing at a local factory. Afterward, we will drive back to Guiyang.

- Smart Tips:

  • The drive from Guiyang to Anshun takes about 1 hour.
Huangguoshu Waterfall

Huangguoshu Waterfall

DAY 3 Shiqiao Miao village, Our guide, and driver will escort you from Guiyang to Kaili, Qingman Miao Village, Kaili Ethnic Minorities Museum, Qingman Miao Village with Welcome Ceremony
  • Breakfast, Lunch

Guizhou Province is home to the Miao people and today we will get an insight into their lives and cultures. After breakfast, we will drive to Kaili. Check-in upon arrival.

Get a preview of today's cultural essence at Kaili Museum. Later, we will visit Qingman Miao Village. The local villagers will show their hospitality by offering drinks, normally local-brew rice wine, in the welcome ceremony.

As Sister Meal Festival approaches, Miao people are busy getting ready. Walking around in the village, your guide will explain the customs and traditions of the event. Check out the ancient paper-making workshop before we leave.

- Smart Tips:

  • The drive from Guiyang to Anshun takes about 3 hours.
  • As laid-back as it is, accommodation in Kaili is just of average standards with nothing fancy.
qingman miao village

Qingman Miao Village

DAY 4 Sister's Meal Festival
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Annually, during the 15th of the 3rd lunar month, the Miao people will have this grand event known as Sisters Meal Festival, lasting for 3 days. Not like how it sounds, the festival has more to do with lovers than sisters. Young single girls would make five-colored stick rice out of natural herbs. Underneath the rice, a girl hides a pledge of love and brings the basket of rice to the very young boy she loves. Thus some call it the oldest Oriental Valentine.

It's the first day of the festival event. Today we will attend the celebration in the village, which mounts a carnival of singing, dancing, reed-pipe-blowing, drumming, boat-racing, and bull-fighting.

Sisters Meal Festival

Sisters Meal Festival

DAY 5 Datang short skirt Miao village, Jidao Miao Village, Our guide and driver will escort you from Kaili to Guiyang
  • Breakfast, Lunch

Today we will visit two Miao villages: Datang Miao Village and Jidao Miao Village. The two villages have different ways of keeping their traditions, proven most distinctly in their daily costumes: people in Datang wear mini skirts while Jidao dwellers love to dance around in a long dresses.

Saunter easily in the two villages and let yourself immerse in the festival atmosphere.

Later today, we will drive back to Guiyang.

jidao miao village

Jidao Miao Village

DAY 6 Guiyang to Departure City
  • Breakfast

Enjoy some free time before your departure. Our local Guiyang tour guide will see you off at the airport.

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