7 Best Roast Duck Restaurants in Beijing

Written by Sally Guo Updated Jul. 1, 2021

Beijing Roast Duck (Peking Duck) is a famous time-honored Beijing dish. With carefully selected materials and top-quality Beijing force-fed fat duck, Peking Duck features delicate meat quality and mellow taste, taking on a reddish bright color and tasting fat but not greasy. Generally speaking, a roast duck weighs 3 kilograms, it can be sliced up into over 100 thin slices composed of both meat and skin.

Having a taste of Beijing Roast Duck during your visit to Beijing is one of the must-do things. This article will recommend the 7 best Peking Duck restaurants to you, you will know where to get authentic Peking Ducks after reading.

1. Quanjuede Roast Duck (Hepingmen Branch)

 Roast Duck

With branches spanning the globe, Quanjuede is the most well-known Beijing roast duck restaurant in the world. Now it has more than 10 branches in Beijing, most of them distribute in the central area of the first and second rings.

The first branch starts at Qianmen, so the Qianmen Branch is the most famous but also very crowded. If you want to taste authentic Peking Duck, Hepingmen Branch is recommended.

Quanjude's heritage of roast duck preparation was originally reserved for imperial families. We call its preparation as hanging-oven style (挂炉式), using open ovens and non-smoky hardwood fuel such as Chinese date, peach, or pear to add a subtle fruity flavor with a golden crisp to the skin.

  • Chinese: 全聚德烤鸭(和平门店)
  • Average price: CNY 210 per person
  • Open hours: 10:30 AM - 09:00 PM
  • Address: No. 14 Qianmen Xi Street, Xicheng District (西城区前门西大街14号)
  • Telephone: 010-83193101 or 010-83193102

2. Bianyifang Roast Duck (Hademen Branch)

 Roast Duck

Originally founded in 1416 during the Ming Dynasty, enduring for over 600 years, Bianyifang is the oldest Peking roast duck restaurant in Beijing.

With different roast duck techniques from Quanjude, of which the duck is cooked in an open-oven, Bianyifang known for its stewing-oven style (焖炉式)  preparation. The duck is cooked in a closed oven, thus the duck skin is less crisp but the meat is tastier and juicier.

  • Chinese: 便宜坊烤鸭(哈德门店)
  • Average price: CNY 140 per person
  • Open hours: 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
  • Address: 4F, Bianyifang Mansion, No.16 Chongwenmen Wai Street, Dongcheng District (东城区崇文门外大街16号便宜坊大厦4层)
  • Telephone: 010-67112244 or 010-87555085

3. Siji Minfu Roast Duck (the Forbidden City Branch)

 Roast Duck

Unlike other restaurants in this article, Siji Minfu Restaurants not only serve Perking Duck or duck-related dishes but it is also known for traditional Beijing snacks and other local cuisines. What’s more, it has excellent service, the servers will take the initiative to demonstrate different ways to appreciate the Peking Duck with different dipping sauce and ingredients.

Now it has more than ten branches in Beijing. Among these branches, the Forbidden City Branch is the most recommended as you can have a panoramic view of the Forbidden City while enjoying the authentic Peking Duck. Please make a reservation in advance.

  • Chinese: 四季民福烤鸭(故宫店)
  • Average price: CNY 150 per person
  • Open hours: 10:30 AM - 10:30 PM
  • Address: No.11 Nanchizi Street, Dongcheng District (东城区南池子大街11号故宫东门旁)
  • Telephone: 010-65267369

4. Jiuhuashan Roast Duck

 Roast Duck

Different from other popular chain restaurants, Jiuhuashan is not as famous as those. You may seldom meet foreigners or Chinese tourists there, but it does have a good reputation among local Beijing residents.

The restaurant is not in the city center, you can take subway Line 1 and Line 9 to get there. Please kindly note that Jiuhuashan only sells 300 ducks every day, you’d better arrive earlier.

  • Chinese: 九花山烤鸭
  • Average price: CNY 200 per person
  • Open hours: 11:00 AM - 02:00 PM and 05:00 PM - 08:30 PM
  • Address: Ziyu Hotell, No. 55 Zengguang Road, Haidian District (海淀区增光路55号紫玉饭店)
  • Telephone: 010-68414518 or 010-68483481

5. Dadong Roast Duck (Jinaohui  Branch)

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Dadong Restaurant (Jinaohui  Branch) is the top 2 roast duck restaurant that has over 1,500 reviews on TripAdvisor. Compared with traditional Peking duck in Quanjude or Bianyifang, Dadong is known for a new-style roast duck - crispy but not greasy (酥不腻). Although the price per person is quite expensive in Dadong Restaurant, it provides delicate dishes with high-end service. It is a good choice for businessmen.

  • Chinese: 大董烤鸭(金宝汇购物中心)
  • Average price: CNY 400 per person
  • Open hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Address: 5F Jinbaohui Shopping Center, No.88 Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District (东城区金宝街88号金宝汇购物中心5层)
  • Telephone: 010-85221234 or 010-85221111

6. Liqun Roast Duck              

 Roast Duck

Unlike the above restaurants located in shopping malls or commercial streets, Liqun Roast Duck Restaurant is located in a traditional compound courtyard in a deep Hutong, without any fancy decorations, but its blazing roaster and a row of golden roast ducks make up for that. If you want to try roast duck in a rustic ambiance, don’t miss this place!

  • Chinese: 利群烤鸭
  • Average price: CNY 250 per person
  • Open hours: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm
  • Address: No. 11 Beixiangfeng, Zhengyi Road (northeast of Qianmen), Dongcheng District (东城区前门正义路南口北翔凤胡同11号)
  • Telephone: 010-67025681 or 010-67055578

7. Made in China (Grand Hyatt)

 Roast Duck

Located in Wangfujing Area, Made in China is a restaurant of Grand Hyatt Hotel. It is famous for Peking Duck. The duck is prepared with crisp, rich skin without a trace of hanging fat - the succulent meat goes well with the delicate, moist, and paper-thin pancakes. In this high-end restaurant, you will have a memorable dining experience with delicious dishes and enjoy the elegant environment.

  • Chinese:长安壹号(东方君悦大酒店)
  • Average price: CNY 350 per person
  • Open hours: 11:30 AM - 02:30 PM and 05:30 PM - 09:30 PM
  • Address: 1F, Grand Hyatt Hotel, No. 1 Dongchang'an Street Dongcheng District (东城区东长安街甲1号东方君悦大酒店1楼)
  • Telephone: 010-65109608

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