Wolong Giant Panda National Nature Reserve

Written by Ruru Zhou Updated Sep. 18, 2021

Wolong National Nature Reserve is China’s largest and best-preserved Giant Panda Reserve. It is in the Minshan Mountain Region, one of the wild panda’s habitats in China. Wolong National Nature Reserve is the real hometown of Giant Pandas.

There are about 150 wild giant pandas living in Wolong Wolong National Nature Reserve, according to China's Third National Giant Panda Survey.

In Wolong National Nature Reserve, you will see pandas in their original habitat and do panda volunteer programs. Luckily, you may see a wild panda roaming around.

A Real Hometown of Giant Panda

The Wolong Nature Reserve is one of China’s Giant Panda sanctuaries. It was deadly destroyed during the 2008 earthquake, and the giant pandas that survived have been relocated to the Bifengxia Giant Panda Base.

In 2012, a new panda base was established in the area. Currently, around 30 pandas live here.

The Wolong Giant Panda Reserve covers an area of 200,000 hectares, with an altitude of 1500 to 4000. The reserve enjoys a very good environment with big mountains covered with dense forests.

The natural scenery is breathtaking especially in falls when the mountains are covered by yellow and golden leaves

Panda Keep Program in Wolong

It will be a lifetime experience to take care of the giant panda in their original habitat. Wolong Giant Panda Base offers the panda fans to get close to this lovely creature. Volunteers can take part in making cakes, crunching bamboos, cleaning the panda houses, and feeding the pandas.

You can also see pandas eating bamboos, climbing trees, and sleeping on the top of trees, or playing with each other.

Compared to the Dujaingyan and Bifengxia panda bases, Wolong Panda Center is quieter with fewer travelers.

How to Get to Wolong Giant Panda Reserve

Wolong Giant Panda National Nature Reserve is located in the remote mountainous areas in Western Sichuan. Chengdu is the best gate city to Wolong Panda Reserve.

Chengdu to Wolong Giant Panda Reserve

Take a bus from Chengdu Chadianzi Coach Station in Jinniu District to Wolong Town, then take a taxi to the Panda base. The bus drive takes about 3 hours.

The most comfortable way is, of course, to take a private tour with a private car to take you directly from Chengdu airport or hotel to the reserve.

Dujiangyan to Wolong

There are public buses from Dujiangyan City to Wolong Town.


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