Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (SZX)

Written by Ruru Zhou Updated Jun. 11, 2021

The main airport in Shenzhen, China is the Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, which was formerly known as Shenzhen Huangtian Airport because of its location. The airport was renamed for the same reason, as its location places it near both Huangtian and the Fuyong villages of the Bao’an District in Shenzhen, China. The Bao’an International Airport is 32 kilometers northwest of the center of Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is still part of the Guangdong Province in China, making Bao’an just one of the airports in the province, although it is the only one in the Shenzhen area.

Chinese Name: 深圳宝安国际机场

Airport Code: SZX


Customer service hotline: (+755)2345-6789

Complaint hotline: (+755)23456315

The airport is currently the hub for Shenzhen Donghai Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, SF Airlines, and Jade Cargo International. It is also the focus city for Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines. It is also the Asian-Pacific hub of cargo giant, UPS Airlines.

Like many airports in China, the Bao’an International Airport is currently undergoing a major expansion. A new terminal and another runway are part of the expansion plans. By the completion of the said expansion, the airport is expected to become one of the three largest airport hubs in southern China, alongside the Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou and the Hong Kong International Airport.


The airport has three main terminals. Both Terminal A and Terminal B service domestic flights only; the departure halls of the two terminals are connected by a long bridge so passengers can conveniently move between them on foot. All international and Taiwan-bound flights, on the other hand, are served by Terminal D, which recently opened in 2008.

At present, there are approximately 107 domestic and international airlines operating from the Bao’an airport. This connects Shenzhen to 80 cities locally and internationally.

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How to Get to Bao'an Airport from Shenzhen City Center

Ground transportation between the Bao’an International Airport and the city center of Shenzhen is very convenient.

Regular Bus Service

When traveling between the Bao’an International Airport and any point within the city, the most convenient and common form of transportation is the regular bus service. If going between downtown and the airport, take buses:

Bus No. Route Operating Hours Fare
327 Airport – Futian Water Park 7:30-22:00 CNY 8
355 Airport - Shekou 7:30-22:00 CNY 8
K568 Airport – Luohu Railway Station 8:00-23:30 CNY 20
602 Airport – Bao’an Sanqu 7:20-16:45 CNY 5

As an alternative to the regular buses, there are minibus services too that go between the airport and the city.

Direct buses between the Hong Kong and Shenzhen airports are also available. This special service is useful for those moving from one airport to the other. For the convenience of flight passengers, they are allowed to check into their flights at the bus terminal, although they still need to check their luggage in at the airport. These special services are offered by 11 airlines, as of the moment. These airlines are China Eastern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Eagle Airlines, and East Star Airlines for the Shenzhen side, and China Airlines, Hong Kong Express, and Mandarin Airlines for the Hong Kong side.

Two kinds of buses offer this service. The first is a 7-seater business bus, which is faster and can shuttle between the two airports in just 75 minutes. The fare, however, is quite high at CNY220 per person. The buses operate from Shenzhen from 10:15-21:15 hourly, while the buses from Hong Kong operate between 8:20-21:00 hourly.

The regular bus service is on a first come first serve basis, so passengers should be on the bus 15 minutes ahead of time. From Shenzhen, the buses operate at 30-minute intervals from the Shenzhen Bay Pier or the Huanggang Pier. The fare is CNY180 for adults and CNY100 for children and seniors. If you need a round-trip ticket, the fare is CNY300. From Hong Kong, the buses operate between 7:45 and 19:15 at 30-minute intervals. The same fares apply, but no round-trip ticket is available. The child rate applies only to children ages 2 to 12.

Shuttle Bus Service

Passengers going to Bao’an Airport from the Fuyong Pier can take free shuttle buses that connect the two locations. The buses run every 30 minutes from 7:30 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon at the Hong Kong side and from 10:00 in the morning to 9:00 pm at the Shenzhen side.

Currently, ten airport shuttle bus lines run between the airport and downtown. Their routes, operating hours, and fares are as follows:

Bus No. Route Operating Hours Fare
330 Airport – West Square of Shenzhen Railway Station 7:30-the arrival of the last flight leaves every 20 minutes CNY 20
330 Haulian Mansion -Airport 5:30-21:00, leaves every 15 minutes CNY 20
330B Airport – Longgang City Terminal 8:00-20:00, leaves every 7 minutes CNY 30
330B Longgang City Terminal - Airport 6:00-18:00 CNY 30


Airport – Xingsheng Village 8:00-22:00, every 7 minutes CNY 35
4 Airport – Pinghu Huanancheng 8:00-22:00 CNY 30
5 Airport – Gongming Bus Station 7:50-22:00 CNY 6

Airport – Dameishadong Overseas Chinese Area

8:00-22:00 CNY 30
7 Airport – Painting Village 8:00-22:00 CNY 22

Airport – West Passage of Shekou

8:00-22:00 CNY 15
9 Airport – Huanggang Port 8:00-22:00 CNY 20
10 Airport – Shekou Port 8:00-20:00 CNY 8

Coach Service

A coach service is now also available for transporting passengers between the Shenzhen airport and certain points of Hong Kong. The coach service is operated by Trans Island Limousine Service Ltd. and currently reaches Sheung Wan, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, and the Hong Kong International Airport.


The Shenzhen subway now has a line, the Subway Line 1 or Luo Bao Line, that reaches Bao’an International Airport. This line has been transporting passengers to the airport since June 2011. The subway line is very fast and convenient. A trip going to Luo Hu checkpoint or Shenzhen Railway Station takes only 70 minutes and costs only CNY 9 per adult.

Car or Local Taxis

Those who are driving to the Bao’an International Airport either on their own or in a taxi will get to Terminal B first, then move on to Terminal A; Terminal D is the farthest from the driving routes.

There are a lot of taxis in Shenzhen, so finding one will not be a problem. Sometimes, even taxis from Dongguan operate within Shenzhen.

Bao'an Airport to Hong Kong and Macau

There are also easily accessible bus services going to nearby cities, including Dongguan, Macau, and Hong Kong. If you are going ahead to the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, to Macau, or the Hong Kong International Airport at the Fuyong Pier, you can also take fast ferries operated by TurboJet.

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