China High-Speed Train - China Bullet Train

Written by Vivi Updated Mar. 18, 2022

High-speed trains in China, also known as bullet trains, have running speeds of 200-350 km/h (124 – 217 mph). They have a prefixed letter of G, D or C in the train numbers, which also indicate high-speed train types. High-speed trains connect most major and tourist cities. They have become one of the most popular transportation options when traveling around China.


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Categories of High-Speed Train

There are four kinds of seat classes on daytime high-speed trains and three kinds of seat classes on overnight high-speed trains.

Most Chinese train numbers start with a letter, which indicates the category of the train. High-speed train numbers start with the letters G, D, or C.

Seat Classes on a China Bullet Train

There are seven kinds of seat classes on high-speed trains.

Second Class Seat

The second class is the most common and cheapest ticket class for high-speed trains. Space is like the economy class on an airplane. It's a good choice if you are planning a low-budget China tour.

Second Class Seat on China Bullet Trains

First Class Seat

First-class is recommended for travelers who want to experience a comfortable journey on a high-speed train, and don't want to pay too much for it. The ticket price of China high-speed train first-class seats is usually 20% to 40% higher than that of the second-class seats.

First Class Seat on Chinese bullet train

Business Class Seat

Business-class is the most luxurious and most expensive on China high-speed trains. It is spacious, with two meters (6.6 feet) of space between the rows. They are as first-class on an airplane. Business-class seats are equipped with complete facilities. The sofa-like leather chairs can be electrically reclined to a flat position so that you can lie down completely.

Business Class Seat on China bullet train

Superior Class Seat

Superior class is only available on certain high-speed trains in China. These are very comfortable with enough space and good facilities. Each carriage has 16 seats - eight seats at each end. It is in the best position for sightseeing. Each row has three seats, as found in a business class carriage.

Superior Class Seat on Chinese bullet train

Soft Sleeper

Soft sleepers are only available on long-distance overnight high-speed trains. Such as Beijing to Shanghai D trains and Beijing to Guangzhou D trains, etc.

Soft Sleeper on China bullet train

Soft sleeper provides more moving space than an airplane and passengers can lie down to travel more comfortably. It also leaves more time for sightseeing or working during the day.

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Popular China High-Speed Train Travel Routes

Beijing – Shanghai High-Speed Railway

Beijing – Xi'an High-Speed Railway

Shanghai – Hangzhou High-Speed Railway

Hong Kong – Guangzhou High-Speed Railway

Guangzhou – Shenzhen High-Speed Railway

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