Chinese Zodiac 1988-Earth Dragon: Personality/Lucky Color/Horoscope

Written by Matteo Updated Feb. 1, 2024

Chinese zodiac sign for 1988 is the Dragon. The Year of the Earth Dragon 1988 runs from February 17, 1988, to February 5, 1989. Fire Rabbit are those who are born between January 1 to February 16. The Year of the Dragon includes 1976, 2000, 2012, 2024, and 2036.

Chinese Zodiac 1988 Element-Earth

There are five elements in Chinese culture. The element is the earth in 1988, which can influence people‘s characteristics. The people born in 1988 are energetic, therefore, their physical fitness is great.

Earth Dragon, Chinese Zodiac 1988
Earth Dragon, Chinese Zodiac 1988

1988 Chinese Zodiac Personality

The personalities of men and women who were born in 1988 are different.

Male Characteristics for 1988 Earth Dragon

Men born in 1988 are independent and enthusiastic. They believe that they are able to control their life and never lose bravery at any time. But they are selfish when faced with conflict of interest.

The Men are also decisive, which enables them to hardly surrender to difficulties and obstacles. They usually try their best to accomplish the assignments, but blind persistence makes them a little bit stubborn.

Female Characteristics for 1988 Earth Dragon

Women born in 1988 are positive and diligent. Women can reach goals both in work and study because they dedicate themselves to their careers. But they give up frequently the opportunities to improve themselves.

The women are also warm-hearted. They show deep sympathy for people who are jobless and homeless, which makes them more sentimental than others.

1988 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Best Match for 1988 Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac sign dragon can get along well with Monkeys, Rats and Pigs.

Dragon and Monkey: the combination can be very beneficial to each party. Monkeys bring creativity, wit, and a playful attitude to their relationships, while Dragon provides stability, determination, and a sense of direction. They can learn from each other and grow together.

Dragon and Rat: Rats are known for their hardworking and careful nature, which can balance the more impulsive Dragons. Dragons, in turn, can help Rats to horizon their eyesight.

Dragon and Pig: Pigs are known for their compassionate nature, while Dragons provide strength, determination, and a sense of direction. They can create a stable foundation for each other and provide comfort and security.

Worst Match for 1988 Chinese Zodiac

People born in the Year of Dog, Goat and Ox are unfavorable to the Chinese zodiac Dragon.

Dragon and Dog: the stubborn and devoted personality of the Dog contrasts with the impetuous and passionate temperament of the Dragon. They frequently hold divergent opinions and objectives, which makes it challenging for them to communicate or cooperate.

Dragon and Goat: Th Dragon's strong-willed and determined attitude often overwhelms the sheep, who is more prone to worry and anxiety. They have different ways of dealing with issues, making it difficult to reach an agreement and understanding.  

Dragon and Ox: the Dragon's irritable temperament conflicts with the Ox's practical and stable nature. They have different approaches to solve problems and frequently disagree on how to manage issues. This incompatibility may lead to misunderstandings between them.

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1988 Chinese Zodiac Lucky Color and Lucky Number

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Dragon's Lucky Things

1988 Chinese Horoscope for Earth Dragon

In Chinese culture, the zodiac is an important cultural sign. It not only represents people’s year of Birth but also signifies their fate and horoscope. For the people who were born in 1988, their lives are going to change in 2024.

Career Prediction in 2024

The Dragon will encounter many challenges and opportunities, which boost the development of their business. In the process, they need to maintain a positive and persistent attitude to achieve their goals in their careers.

Finance Fortune in 2024

The Dragon will have some unexpected income, which will increase their wealth. At the same time, they will have some investment opportunities. If they can seize these opportunities, their wealth will further increase. But the Dragon should manage their income to avoid blind expense.

Health Horoscope in 2024

The Dragon will pay much attention to their diet balance and regular exercise, therefore, they rarely suffer illnesses in daily life. However, the Dragon also needs to form a good habit of sleeping.

Monthly Horoscope for 1988 Earth Dragon

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