Year of the Dog

The recent years of the Dog are 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946… If you were born in one of the years, your Chinese zodiac sign is the Dog.

Year of the Dog 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970...

The Chinese zodiac Dog years come every 12 years as a cycle.

In Chinese element theory, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth. The most recent dog year is 2018. It is the year of the Earth Dog.

Chinese zodiac years are based on the Chinese lunar calendar which is around one/two months later than the Gregorian calendar. The Chinese New Year marks the transition from one animal to the next.

Dog Years Birth Dates Types of Dog
2030 3 Feb 2030 to 22 Jan 2031 Gold Dog
2018 16 Feb 2018 to 4 Feb 2019 Earth Dog
2006 29 Jan 2006 to 17 Feb 2007 Fire Dog
1994 10 Feb 1994 to 30 Jan 1995 Wood Dog
1982 25 Jan 1982 to 12 Feb 1983 Water Dog
1970 6 Feb 1970 to 26 Jan 1971 Gold Dog
1958 18 Feb 1958 to 7 Feb 1959 Earth Dog
1946 2 Feb 1946 to 21 Jan 1947 Fire Dog

Use the Chinese Zodiac calculator below to find out your zodiac sign and element.

Dog’s Personality

Dogs are loyal, courageous, and firm. They have a sense of justice; they would suffer pains by themselves rather than bring troubles to others. If they are in trouble, they seldom shirk responsibility or shift the blame to others. This nature makes dogs popular among friends and colleagues.

However, dog people often lack an opinion when dealing with complex things. They are inclined to be blind. It is easy for them to drift with the tide if they don't have scientific guidance.

Five Elements of the Dog

In Chinese elements theory, there are five elements: Gold (Metal), Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. Each zodiac year is associated with an element. Years with the same animal sign and element repeat every 60 years.

Chinese people believed that personal characteristics are associated with the birth of animal signs and elements. People born with different animal signs and elements will have different personalities.

Dogs Birth Years Personality Traits
Earth Dog 1958, 2018 honest, principled, patient
Fire Dog 1946, 2006 generous, easygoing, don't like competition
Wood Dog 1934, 1994 earnest, friendly, cautious, reliable
Water Dog 1922, 1982 attractive, cheerful, loyal to friends
Gold Dog 1910, 1970 independent, vain, talent

Read more details on the Five Elements of Zodiac Dog.

Dog's Compatibility

Thanks to their reliable personalities, dog people are easy to get along with. They have many friends, and their love relationship is very good. Find below the best matches for dogs: 

Year of the Dog's Compatibility

Best Match with Dog: Tiger, Horse

Dog people and tiger people have similar personalities and could make a satisfying match if they have similar preferences. The tiger and dog can cooperate well with each other at work. If you have a dog partner, you will get a fortune easily.

Drawing by the dog’s independence and sincerity, the energetic horse people would fall in love with the glamorous dogs at first sight. Dog people and horse people will work for the same goals and offer support to each other.

Worst Match with Dog: Rooster

Roosters are not compatible with dogs as they have quite different natures. Relationships of Roosters and Dogs will be full of tension and end in arguments. They fight often and can't compromise.

Dog's 2022 Horoscope

No matter how good or bad predictions for dogs in 2022 are, or what type of dog you are, you don't need to take it too seriously. It is for reference only, just like western astrology.

Dog's Horoscope 2022, Year of the dog predictions for 2022

Dog’s Health in 2022

People born in a dog year will experience poor health, having, in turn, an impact on their family's health in 2022. They often have foolish ideas or be in low spirits.

They should chat with friends to release negative emotions and spend weekends with family in the suburbs to enjoy the beautiful scenery and improve their mood.

Pay special attention to personal safety, especially when driving, exercising, or using sharp objects.

Dog’s Career Predictions in 2022

This year people who used to work hard will again display their ability, and gain recognition and admiration from their boss. But when Dogs make great progress they should beware of envious colleagues or onlookers.

Dog’s Finance Fortune in 2022

Anyone who wants to start up a business this year must first have a careful plan then take action, strengthen the bonds of friendship and listen to others' suggestions, all of which will help their business.

Dog’s Relationship Horoscope in 2022

People born in a Year of the Dog will have good relationships with family and friends. But they should be careful with their words and actions. They had better have more frequent contact with friends and communicate gently and politely with colleagues.

Read more on Dog's Horoscope in 2022.

How to Get Lucky in 2022 for Dog People?

Follow the lucky things and avoid these unlucky, it may help you have a smooth 2022.

Dog's Lucky colors

Dog's Lucky Things

Dog's Unlucky Things

Famous People Born in the Year of the Dog

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