Chinese Zodiac Horoscope 2023 - Top 10 Luckiest Zodiac Signs

Written by Ruru Zhou Updated Sep. 13, 2022

According to Chinese astrology, some of the Chinese zodiac signs are destined for good luck.  2023 is the year of the rabbit. Some zodiac signs will be very lucky for the coming year. The top 10 luckiest ones are as follows:  

1. Rat

Rat ranks as the first animal of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. It is also thought to be the luckiest zodiac sign- maybe the first one always means the best. People born in the year of the rat are destined for good luck. They will be luckier to have a happy and rich life.

Rat people born into rich families will get financial help from their families to achieve success in their careers.

People born in the year of the rat are good at taking advantage of various opportunities well to be successful in life. They will get help from others when they have difficulties in their careers or studies.

Being quick-witted and smart, Rat men will usually have a great chance to marry a beautiful wife. Read details for Rat's Horoscope in 2023.

Lucky Chinese zodiac sign-rat

2. Dragon

Dragon is the most powerful zodiac sign. People born in the year of the dragon are confident, so they are more likely to make great achievements in a career.

Being ambitious and energetic, dragon people are the best zodiac sign for leaders. There were many famous “dragon” leaders in Chinese history. For example, Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang, the founder of the ancient Ming Dynasty, was born in the year of the Dragon.  President of Russia Vladimir Putin was born in the year of the dragon.

Because dragons are usually energetic, they can solve all the problems encountered. Being enthusiastic, Dragons are more likely to attract followers around them and get help when they need it.

People born in the year of the dragon are destined to have a happy and wealthy life.

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Dragon-luckiest Chinese zodiac sign

3. Pig

The pig is thought of as a lucky zodiac sign as it is the symbol of wealth, happiness, and honesty in Chinese culture.

Pigs are very lucky and destined for good fortune. They are loved by most people all their life. They are spoiled by God. Everything will go smoothly for them no matter what they do. It is easy for pigs to make friends as they are easy-going, sincere, friendly, warm, and generous.

Pigs will get support from families and friends when they need it. They will have a happy and prosperous life.

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Pig's predictions for 2022

4. Ox

Ox is the symbol of diligence. The ox zodiac sign is particularly blessed by God to get a prosperous fortune. People born in the year of ox will be successful in work and have a happy and sweet life.

Oxen are diligent. No matter what they do, they can do it wholeheartedly. They are particularly resilient people who are not easily intimidated by difficulties. No matter what difficulties they encounter, they can stay calm to solve them.

Oxen are self-motivated and positive. They keep moving forward even in times of setbacks or failures. They do whatever they can to fight back against the hostile environment if they meet.

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Ox's Lucky Things

5. Snake

There is a Chinese saying: nine of the ten people born in the year of the snake will have a rich life, which means the snake is a very lucky zodiac sign.

Snake is the enigmatic animal among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. They like to work along and be quiet most of the time.

People born in the year of the snake are excellent and capable. Whatever they do, they are determined to accomplish their goals.

Snake people are always very sincere. Although they are not good at socializing, they are honest and treat people equally. They won’t judge a person by their appearance. They always leave a good impression on people they meet.

People born in the snake year can get help from friends and parents.  They will be blessed with a prosperous life. Find more details on Snake's luck prediction in 2023.

Snake's Lucky Things

6. Dog

With the help of the auspicious star, dog people’s wealth fortune is great this year. They can do some investments and expect to earn some money from it. However, 2023 is not a good year to change jobs. They need to do their own work well, being neither opportunistic nor involved in workplace struggles.

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7. Horse

2023 is obviously a lucky year for horse people. Their wealth, health, and career fortunes have good performance. If they run a business, they will have a chance to expand their business. If they work in a company, they have the chance to get a promotion. They won’t suffer from severe disease.

Have a look at  Horse's Monthly Predictions in 2023.

8. Monkey

Monkey people will face a changeable year in 2023. Their career, love, and health are unstable. They may suffer from some severe diseases or traffic accidents so they should be alert to them. It will be a little hard to get a promotion. However, their love fortune will have a good performance. Single monkeys can grasp this opportunity to find their true love.  

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9. Tiger

After getting through Tigers' birth year 2022, tiger people will have a mixed picture of fortune in 2023. They will be extremely lucky in careers this year. Tigers are full of enthusiasm for their work, they can get a promotion based on their effort. They will also reap a richer harvest in investment. Tiger people are advised to take this opportunity to try their strength in new horizons.

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10. Rabbit

2023 is Rabbit people’s birth year (Ben Ming Nian). It won’t be smooth for most rabbits as they are thought to offend the God of Age  (Tai Sui). There are many problems or difficulties for them. Especially in the career, the rabbit’s performance is very flat.

Rabbit people shouldn’t dwell on the reasons that are out of their control or put too much pressure on their shoulders. The only thing they can do is persist. Everything will become better after 2023.

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