Year of the Horse

The Year of the Horse is seventh in the 12-year cycle of animal years of the Chinese zodiac. Horse years are …1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014… If you were born in one of these years, then you are a Horse.

Chinese zodiac years are based on the Chinese lunar calendar, each zodiac animal's year comes around every 12 years. It traditionally begins with the Year of the Rat.

Horse Years

In Chinese philosophy, there are five elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Years sharing the same animal sign and element repeat every 60 years.

It is said that personal characteristics are associated with the birth of animal signs and elements. People born with different animal signs and elements will have different personalities.

Types of Horse Years of Birth Personality Traits
Fire Horse 1978, 2038 energetic, leading, stubborn
Earth Horse 1930, 1990 active, kind, upright
Metal Horse 1954, 2014 warm-hearted, straightforward
Water Horse 1966, 2026 thoughtful, careful, emotional
Wood Horse 1942, 2002 imaginative, independent, emotional

Horse's Personality

People born in a Horse year are optimistic, energetic, and cheerful. Bright like the shining sun, they are unwilling to lose and always ready to fight. They are generous as well and easygoing in regard to making friends.

The weaknesses of Horses, however, are recklessness, impatience, and stubbornness. They easily lose their temper but soon return to normal. They are not clearly aware of their weaknesses and change over a short period of time, which sometimes results in their treating others rudely.

Horse's Compatibility

Horse’s Compatibility

Best Match with Horse: Tiger, Dog

Tigers and Dogs have similar personalities to Horses. They will work for the same goals and offer support to each other.

Worst Match with Horse: Ox

The Ox may have a rocky relationship with the Horse as they have totally different values and conflict personalities. Even though they can tolerate each other's differences, but there will always be tension.

Oxen are reserve and they cannot bear repeated tricks, while Horses cannot maintain a lasting relationship outside of work, they cannot well balance their career and family. So, it is hard to find common ground between the Ox and the Horse.

How to Get Luck for People Born in the Year of the Horse?

Lucky Things for Horse

Horse’s Lucky Things

  • Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 7
  • Lucky Colors: green, purple
  • Lucky Directions: south, southwest

Horse’s Unlucky Things

  • Unlucky Numbers: 1, 5, 6
  • Unlucky Colors: blue, white
  • Unlucky Directions: north, west

Horse's 2021 Horoscope

Horse's 2021 Horoscope

No matter how good or bad forecasts for Horses in 2021 are, or what type of Horse you are, you don't need to take it too seriously. It is for reference only, just like western astrology.


Health and safety are the issues that Horse people need to focus on this year. Try to do health checkups on schedule for timely prevention of epidemic diseases.


Horses will achieve success in their careers as long as they work hard and make good use of their talents. They can expand their social circle with the help of eminent friends, which will greatly help the development of their careers. Horses should respond to pressure from their superiors.


Horses will do a good job this year and get more pay for more work. But they will also easily have ups and downs. Those who like to invest and do private business, should not be eager for quick profits or put all their eggs in one basket.


This year single Horses will have good luck and results in love and relationships. Those who are in long-distance relationships, however, will feel disturbed by their separation, so they should keep in good touch with each other and avoid misunderstandings over small things.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Horse

  • Kobe Bryant (professional basketball player): born 23 August 1978
  • Paul McCartney (co-lead vocalist and bassist for the Beatles): born 18 June 1942
  • Theodore Roosevelt (the 26th president of the United States): born 27 October 1858
  • Frédéric Chopin (Polish composer and virtuoso pianist): born 1 March 1810
  • Isaac Newton (famous scientist): born 25 December 1642

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