How to Be Lucky in Your Zodiac Year

It is widely believed if the year is the same as your zodiac sign, you offend the God of Age, which will bring you bad luck.

2022 is the year of tiger, tigers should particularly be careful (Other tiger years include: 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938). 

Then how to be lucky in your zodiac year? How to bring good luck for the tigers for 2022? Follow the suggestions below, and you may have a good and peaceful year.

1. Wear the Red Underwear

Red is the luckiest color in Chinese culture, which stands for peace, prosperity, and success. Chinese people believe the red color can drive bad luck and evil spirits off. red is widely used in house decorations in China during the Chinese New Year in the hope of a good coming year.

Wearing red underwear during your zodiac year can help ward the evil spirits away and bring you good luck and success.

There is a rule, however, you should pay attention to, wearing red underwear at Chinese New Year is particularly important and efficient for a happy coming year. Make sure you have already put on your red underwear when the clock strikes on lunar New Year's eve

Another rule is that the red underwear should be given by your family, spouse, or friend as a gift. You can’t buy it, otherwise, it won’t ward off bad luck.

2. Wear Red Bracelets or Red Sockets

Red bracelets and red sockets stand for good fortune. It can help ward off any evil spirits and guarantee you a happy coming year.

But you can't wear red foot ropes or anklets. The Chinese believe wearing these things on foot means a sinking fortune as the foot is the lowermost point of the human body.

3. Wear Red Insoles

Wearing red insoles during your zodiac year has the meaning of kicking away the bad luck and helping everything go smoothly. Your good luck will come following your steps.

4. Wear Red Belts

Wearing red belts at the Chinese Spring Festival is very popular in North China. In ancient times, children and adults all tied red ribbons around their waists. The red ribbons, therefore, are called “auspicious ribbons” which means they can bring good luck.

Wearing red belts in one’s zodiac year is believed to eliminate the disaster, and bring good luck.

5. Wear Jade Accessories

You can also wear jade accessories during your zodiac year to drive off bad luck. Jade accessories like pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets can help you get rid of evil spirits.

6. Give Offerings to the God of Age

To avoid bad luck, Chinese people go to a temple and give offerings to the God of Age during their zodiac year. When the year is over, they will go back to give thanks.

All these suggestions are easy to do, right? 2022 is coming. It is the year of the tiger. Hope everybody will be lucky and happy in the coming year.

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