Year of the Rooster, Personality Traits,  Predictions 2024

Written by Matteo Updated Feb. 1, 2024

The zodiac rooster ranks 10th among the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. The recent years of the rooster are 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957, 1945  The next rooster year comes in 2029. 

The rooster symbolizes good luck and peace in Chinese culture.  Roosters, on the other hand, are known for their habit of crowing, which signals the start of a new day. Therefore, the Rooster is also a symbol of brightness.

People born in the year of the rooster are quick-witted, persevering, and thoughtful. They are competitive and are never willing to be left behind.  They have a strong sense of self-confidence.

The fortune for the Rooster people in 2024 is turbulent. They are believed to offend the God of Age this rabbit year, which will have a bad effect on their luck. 

year of the rooster
year of the rooster

Chinese Zodiac Rooster Years

The recent rooster years are 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957, 1945, and 1933...The Chinese zodiac Rooster years comes every 12 years as a cycle.

Chinese zodiac years are based on the Chinese lunar calendar which starts on the Chinese New Year. 

Rooster Years Birth Dates Types of Rooster
2029 13 Feb 2029 to 2 Feb 2030 Earth Rooster
2017 28 Jan 2017 to 15 Feb 2018 Fire Rooster
2005 9 Feb 2005 to 28 Jan 2006 Wood Rooster
1993 23 Jan 1993 to 9 Feb 1994 Water Rooster
1981 5 Feb 1981 to 24 Jan 1982 Gold Rooster
1969 17 Feb 1969 to 5 Feb 1970 Earth Rooster
1957 31 Jan 1957 to 17 Feb 1958 Fire Rooster
1945 13 Feb 1945 to 1 Feb 1946 Wood Rooster

Use the Chinese Zodiac calculator below to find out your zodiac sign and element.

Rooster’s Personality

Most Roosters are fashionable, even ostentatious, while at the same time conservative in sentiment.

Rooster people like shopping and spend time admiring themselves in the mirror. While Roosters will spend a lot of cash on clothes and shoes, they are canny customers, carefully comparing prices to find the best deal.

Roosters are remarkable coordinators. They lead refined lives, are clean, and make decisions quickly when presented with all the possibilities. They are dedicated, gifted, bold, and ingenious. They are also confident with an infectious character, though they may seem a bit overwhelming at times.

In friendship, people born in the year of the rooster are committed and loyal. You will find Roosters are awesome at keeping promises. If the Rooster people say they will do something, you can be sure it will be done.

Finally, most Roosters are great talkers. They can strike up a conversation at any time, any place, and with anybody.

Five Elements of the Rooster - Gold, Wood, Water, Earth, Fire Rooster

In Chinese elements theory, there are five elements: Gold (Metal), Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. Each zodiac year is associated with an element. 

Chinese people believe that personal characteristics are associated with the birth of animal signs and elements. People born with different animal signs and elements will have different personalities.

Roosters Birth Years Personality Traits
Earth Rooster 1969, 2029 the social butterfly, charming, easygoing
Fire Rooster 1957, 2017 go their own way, overambitious, impetuous
Wood Rooster 1945, 2005 clever, confident, cheerful
Water Rooster 1933, 1993 fashion, emotional, popular among friends
Gold Rooster 1921, 1981 practical, calm, persistent
Read more details on the Five Elements of the Zodiac Rooster.

Zodiac Rooster's Love Compatibility

According to Chinese astrology, each zodiac sign has its unique personality. When considering love compatibility,  the characteristics of the zodiac signs have been taken into account. If the characteristics of the two zodiac signs match well, they can be compatible in love, otherwise, they are incompatible.   

Below are the best and worst matches for zodiac roosters. 

Rooster's Compatibility

Zodiac Rooster's Best Matches: Ox,  Snake

Rooster and Ox

People born in years of the ox and rooster years are usually steady and conservative. In a love relationship, they have complementary personalities and hold the same goals in life.

In the parent-child relationship, it is lucky for rooster people to have ox parents. People born in the year of the rooster are reserved and tender-hearted. Fortunately, the ox people are patient and reliable, the sweet-tempered child would be taken good care of.

Rooster and Snake

Snakes and Roosters could make an awesome match. They can build a warm family with each other. Their children will get support and encouragement from them. 

Zodiac Rooster's Worst Match: Dog

Relationships between Roosters and Dogs will be full of tension and end in arguments. They fight often and can't compromise. They have quite different natures. In the parent-child relationship, rooster people and dog people have a lot of things to argue about.

Read more on Rooster's compatibility.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Calculator


Lucky and Unlucky Things for Zodiac Roosters

Zodiac Rooster's Lucky Things

Rooster's Lucky Things

Rooster's Unlucky Things

Rooster Horoscope Predictions 2024

Rooster people may encounter many ups and downs in 2024. They will offend the God of Age in the Year of Dragon 2024. 

It is wise for the Rooster people to make comprehensive preparations in advance. If you plan to get married, have a child,  or buy a car or a house this year, it can have a propitious effect and minimize negative impacts.

Rooster’s Career Predictions in 2024

The rooster people will perform very well in their work and are very likely to be promoted. 

Rooster’s Finance Fortune in 2024

Rooster people’s financial fortune in 2024 is not very good. They may encounter unexpected hardships that will lead to a loss of money during the first half of the year. But things will become better at the end of the year. They will have a chance to make lots of money in the next year.

Rooster’s Love Horoscope in 2024

Your relationship will be stable this year. Single roosters have the chance to meet their loved ones. 

Rooster’s Health in 2024

The Rooster will generally enjoy excellent health this year. But roosters need to focus on the health of senior relatives and children.

Read more on Rooster's Monthly Horoscope in 2024.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Rooster

Introduction to the 12 Zodiac Animals

Listed below are all the 12 zodiac animals with detailed information, check out which animal sign you belong to and get lucky in the coming year!

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