Happy Dragon Boat Festival Wishes and Greetings

Written by Apple Updated Dec. 21, 2023

Happy Dragon Boat Festival! well, perhaps it is not appropriate to say so. In this article, we'll share the best thoughtful greetings to send to friends and family during this special occasion.

Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

Happy Dragon Boat Festival (端午节快乐 duān wǔ jié kuài lè )!Well, maybe this greeting isn't appropriate, especially for those who understand the festival's origins and significance.

The Dragon Boat Festival isn't initially a joyful event; it began as a time to commemorate the death of Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet from over 2,000 years ago, and to ward off evil spirits and diseases.

Chinese people consider the fifth month unlucky, particularly the fifth day (Dragon Boat Festival Day), so their primary hope for the month is maintaining health and safety. To this day, Chinese people still uphold these beliefs and follow various traditions to repel evil spirits on that day.

Thus, it might not be entirely suitable to wish others happiness on such an occasion.

The Best Dragon Boat Festival Wishes and Greetings

1. Healthy Dragon Boat Festival

The Chinese phrase "端午节安康" is often used to wish someone good health on the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival. In English, it can be translated as "Wishing you good health during the Dragon Boat Festival."

Originally, the Dragon Boat Festival day is considered to be an unlucky day, and it is thought that people are easy to get sick starting from this day. That's why Chinese people wish each other good health during the festival.

2. Enjoy the Dragon Boat Race and Stay Healthy

This greeting is often used to express the hope that the recipient will be able to fully enjoy the dragon boat race and stay healthy and strong.

Dragon Boat Race is a team sport that originated over two thousand years ago in China. It is one of the main traditions celebrated during the Dragon Boat Festival, as well as an important cultural and sporting event in China. 

3. With each Dragon Boat Festival every year, wishing you good health

You can say this to friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances during the Dragon Boat Festival. This wish is appropriate for expressing your desire for their continued good health throughout the years during this special occasion.

4. 糯米香甜,粽子香浓,愿你每日都有好心情,健健康康,幸福无忧!

"With the fragrance of sticky rice and the aroma of zongzi, may you have a good mood every day, stay healthy and worry-free. 

5. 端午佳节,朋友,愿你和家人在这个特别的日子里平安幸福,团团圆圆

"On this special day of the Dragon Boat Festival, friend, may you and your family have a  safe celebration, and be blessed with togetherness and peace!"

6. 端午佳节至,千里送祝福:糯米黏黏香,情意绵绵浓,粽叶万里香,红枣心底甜,香飘鼻尖嗅,朋 友祝福伴,艾叶幸福随,龙舟热闹至,平安安康送。

"As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, sending you sincere wishes from afar: sticky, fragrant glutinous rice symbolizes the abundance of affection while the aromatic scent of bamboo leaves represents warm and sweet intentions. May the fragrance of zongzi fills the air, the joy of the dragon boat race surrounds you, and your friends' blessings accompany you. May happiness follow you like a sweet aroma of wormwood leaves, and may you have peace and good health."

7. 艾叶清香传祝福,龙舟之声送问候,浓浓情谊送进心坎。愿你幸福平安,永远快乐幸福!端午节愉快!

"With the scent of Artemisia, I send my blessings to you, and with the sound of dragon boat, I send my greetings. May you always be blessed with happiness and safety. Have a happy Dragon Boat Festival!"

8. 吃的粽子,甜的是生活;赛的龙舟,顺利的事业;插的艾叶,平安的家庭;喝的雄黄,醉的是心情;送的是祝福,收到的是好运; 祝端午快乐!幸福安康!

"Eating zongzi signifies the sweetness of life; racing dragon boats represents a successful career; inserting Artemisia leaves symbolizes a peaceful family; drinking realgar wine means the intoxication of happiness; and conveying blessings brings good luck. Wishing you a happy Dragon Boat Festival and a life filled with happiness and good health."

Fancy and Interesting Dragon Boat Festival Wishes 

These are some unique and interesting Dragon Boat Festival greetings that you can send to your friends or family. 

1. Zongzi gives you a friendly pat and wishes you good health during the Dragon Boat Festival

This phrase is a playful way to wish friends or family members a healthy Dragon Boat Festival.

2. Sweet or savory Zongzi, it's our time together that matters most

This phrase is a playful way to emphasize the importance of spending time with friends or family during the festival. It is an interesting wish to send to the people you are eager to see. 

3. May good things come one after another just like rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival

4. Glutinous rice finally meets the embrace of rice dumpling leaves. Yet here I am, still waiting for you to come.

This phrase expresses one's miss for someone else very much. You can send it to the person that you are eager to see to express your miss for him and her.  

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