Life Line Palm Reading - Simple Way to Read It

Written by Apple Updated Jun. 21, 2022

The life line starts from the palm edge between the thumb and forefinger and extends around the thumb. It is the longevity, vitality, and line of life, which indicates a person's physical vitality, life energy, and length. 

Where is Your Life Line

The life line starts from the palm edge between the thumb and index finger and extends to the base of the thumb. It extends around the thumb, just underneath the head line. The life line is usually in an arc. You can find it in the picture below.

life line palm reading
The shape of Life Line

What Does the Life Line Mean

The life line is one of the five main lines in palmistry. Most people may think the life line is used to see the length of a person's life. Actually, it doesn't tell us that.

In palm reading, the length of the life line has no relationship with how long one could live. Instead, it mainly reflects one's health and physical vitality. 

How to Read Your Life Line

Everyone's palm is different. However, there are some basic rules in palmistry that are consistent across almost every palm. How does the life line indicate one's health and vitality? Read on to find out. 

Length of the Life Line - the Longer the Better

Although the life line does not show how long a person could live, it does show the nature of our energy. The life line describes the quality of one's physical vitality. A long life predicts fullness of vitality, good health, and high resistance to illness.

However, a short life line suggests that someone is lack energy and vitality. It does not mean a short life. People with a short life line are susceptible to illness and they can easily get tired and exhausted. 

Depth of the Line - the Deeper the Better

Generally speaking, in palm reading, the deeper and darker the lines on your palm, the more stable that part of you is. As for palm reading for the life line, the depth of the life line describes the quality of our physical vitality. If a person has a deep and clear life line, he/she has a good ability to express his/her energy, is generally good with his/her hands, and mostly is very good at sports.

If a person's life line is shallow and unclear, they may easily get tired and exhausted, and sometimes even easily get ill. 

The shape of the Life Line

A semicircular life line around the base of the thumb shows that a person is full of energy and enthusiasm. They are outgoing and usually have good relationships with others. 

A person with a straight life line that sticks close to the thumb indicates that he/she has limited energy and is easy to get exhausted.

A life line with a big arc predicts fullness of vitality, enthusiasm, good health, and high resistance to illness.

life line

Broken Life Line in the Palm

A broken life line on one's palm indicates a sudden change in life, it can be positive or negative, depending on where the break is and what kind of break it is. Sometimes it also indicates an illness will happen. 

If there is a short line parallel with the break in the life line, either above or below, usually the person will recover from a disaster. 

If the two broken parts overlap, a person could recover from a serious illness. The overlapping length shows the recovery time. 

Broken Life Line
Broken Life Line

Double Life Lines in the Palm

A secondary line parallel with the life line, which is called sister lines, usually shows that a person is full of vitality and has strong resistance to disease. He/she can recover from illnesses or disasters easily. 

In addition, a person with double life lines will always receive support from families and friends when encountering difficulties.

double life line
Double Life Line

No Life Line in the Palm

If a person doesn't have the life line in the palm, it doesn't mean that he/she will die young. It indicates that a person is usually in bad health. He/she easily gets sick or has accidents during his/her life. 

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