Palm Reading Guide - How to Read Your Palm for Beginners

Written by Apple Updated Nov. 2, 2022

Palm reading, also known as hand reading or palmistry, is an ancient art of reading people’s destinies and characters by analyzing their palms' physical features. It is practiced all over the world now, with many cultural differences. 

There are five main lines on the palm. Each corresponds with a different trait. Read on to know some basic palm reading skills.

Which Hand Should You Read?

In palmistry, there are theories that the right palm is used for palm reading for women because the right hand represents destiny from birth for them. For males, however, it is the other way around. The left palm is the dominant hand for males in palmistry.

Modern palmistry opinions believe that the left palm shows a person's fortune at birth and personality traits, while the right palm indicates the present and the future. It is believed that the right hand for most people, as it is more current, and more accurate for the present.

Palm Reading For Females

In palmistry, the opinions vary. It is believed that the right hand is for females while the left hand is for males. For females, the right hand is the dominant hand, which represents the present and the future, and how personality and character have been actualized in practice. For males, the left hand is the dominant hand. 

In mainstream palm reading in China, the right hand is for females below 35 years of age, and the left is used for supplementary analysis. For females over 35 years of age, the left hand will be used for the primary reading and the right hand will be used for supplement analysis.

Palm Lines Reading/Hand Lines Reading

The creases of the palms of the hands are used to predict what will happen in the future. Stretch out the palm and you will see five main lines. They are the life line, the heart line, the marriage line, the head line, and the money line. 

1. The Life Line

The life line starts from the palm edge between the thumb and forefinger and extends around the thumb. The length of the life line has nothing to do with how long a person lives. In fact, the life line indicates a person's physical vitality and life experience. 

life line palm reading
Where is the Life Line

The length of the life line reveals the quality of your physical vitality, while the depth describes the richness of life experience. 

A long, deep, and clear life line indicates that you are full of vitality and enthusiasm and have a rich life experience.

If the life line is short, it doesn't mean an early death. It shows you are a person of integrity but a little timid and can be easily influenced by others.

If the life line is shallow and vague, it means a person easily gets tired and exhausted.

life line

Broken Life Line

Read more details about how to read life line.

2. The Head Line/Wisdom Line

The head line is also called the wisdom line. Located in the center of the palm, the head line starts between the index finger and thumb and extends to the other side of the palm. The head line represents mental intelligence, intuition, and mental strength. 

The length of the head line reveals how much a person like independent thinking. The depth of the line indicates a person's spiritual pursuits.

A deep, clear, straight head line in palmistry represents a person who has strong mental strength and is independent-minded. A short head line does not mean lacking intelligence or mental strength. It means a person does not make strong mental boundaries. A broken head line can indicate spiritual conflicts, or more optimistically, landmark breakthroughs or epiphanies. 

head line

3. The Heart Line/Love Line

The heart line is also known as the love line. It is located above the head line and runs horizontally across your palm. The heart line represents our relationships and emotions. Generally speaking, the deeper and longer the heart line, the deeper your affection.

A long heart line extending to the palm's edge from both sides represents that a person is straightforward and faithful to their love.

A long but straight heart line indicates that a person is stable, conservative, and sympathetic. 

If the heart line has a curve at the end, it represents a person who can express their emotions and needs well. 

If the heart line is broken into several segments or has short thin lines running through, usually indicates that a person is not very happy with their current love life.

the heart line

4. The Marriage Line

The marriage line is located above the heart line. It is a short line right under the little finger. The marriage line can give a lot of insight into a person's romantic relationships and marriage.

If the marriage line is deep and long, it represents that a person is passionate, mild and usually has a happy family. 

A short marriage line indicates a lack of patience to pursue a romantic relationship or marriage and it is difficult to be deeply affectionate in a relationship.

An upwards-curving marriage line shows a stable love life and harmonious marriage. 

A downwards-curving marriage line indicates a person's marriage life might not be enjoyable.

marriage line

The number of the marriage line differs with different people. Some people have only one marriage line while some have several lines in this place. The longest line is usually used as a basis for palm reading. 

5. The Money Line 

The money line, also called the fate line, is a vertical crease in the center of the palm. It stretches from the wrist to the middle finger. It reflects your fortune, wealth, and career.

money line

A deep, clear, and straight money line indicates that you are good at investing and could gain fame and wealth. 

A broken money line represents that someone may not always be lucky with money. He/she may not get money easily.

A waved money line shows instability in wealth. He/she may have a lot of troubles in his career and will need more effort to improve ability.

Hand Shapes in Palm Reading

There are four handshapes in palmistry, each connected with a different element: the fire hand, the earth hand, the air hand, and the water hand. The type of hand indicates one's basic character and personality.

hand shapes

1. The Fire Hand

Features: Fire hands have long palms and short fingers. The palm is usually square or rectangular, and noticeably heavier on the bottom half.

Personality: People with fire hands are passionate, energetic, confident, industrious, and always looking for a challenge. They like to be in charge and often make good leaders. Sometimes lack patience.

2. The Earth Hand

Features: Earth hands have thick and square palms and short fingers. The finger length is usually equal to palm length.

Personality: People with earth hands are practical, reliable, and down-to-earth. They are also helpful, honest, and not afraid of hard work. Sometimes, they can be insensitive, materialistic, and over-cautious. They may also dislike change and are usually comfortable with a fixed plan or situation. 

3. The Air Hand

Features: Air hands have square palms and long fingers. They are often boney and usually with big knucklebones. 

Personality: People with air hands are intellectually curious, logical, and good at analyzing. They are also great communicators and observers. They know what they want clearly and are brave to be and express themselves. 

4. The Water Hand

Features: Water hands have long palms and long fingers. The palms are often soft and clammy to the touch. 

Personality: People with water hands are often imaginative, creative, and compassionate. Sometimes they can also be emotional. People and relationships are really important to them. They are introverted, so they prefer a peaceful and quiet pace of life and dislike competition.

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