Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Written by ivana Updated Aug. 25, 2021

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, one of the most characteristic landmark buildings of Guangzhou, is a commemorative architecture built-in memory of the great revolutionary forerunner, Sun Yat-sen. It’s also an important national cultural relic protection unit. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is actually a grand and palatial octagonal building with a magnificent appearance and rich national characteristics. The architect utilized the structure principle of architectural mechanics skillfully and adopted the composite structure of steel frame and reinforced concrete. Thus, there is no pillar in the architectural span with a span of 71 meters, making the hall look more spacious and magnificent. 

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall together with the yard covers the land area of 62,000 square meters. The main building of the memorial hall is a palatial assembly hall that covers a building area of 3,700 square meters and has a height of 49 meters. With color painting patterns, yellow bricks, and sapphire blue glazed tiles, the assembly hall looks resplendent and magnificent in a solemn atmosphere. In front of the hall, there is a bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall can accommodate about 5,000 persons, which is also an important venue where large-scale gatherings, various activities in memory of Sun Yat-sen, and theatrical performances of Guangzhou are held, such as Guangzhou international collective wedding ceremony and commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Long March. The hall has witnessed a number of historical events that happened in Guangzhou, such as the smoking parade participated by people from all walks of life of Guangzhou in 1936.

Brief History

The construction of the hall began in 1929 and was completed in 1931. On the eve of liberation, the memorial hall was badly damaged as it was for long years out of repair. After liberation, the hall was renovated several times. In 1963, the hall underwent a large-scale rebuilt and renovation when royal-blue glazed tiles from Foshan of Guangdong were used to replace the tiles of the hall’s top based on its original patterns. In 1998, the hall was rebuilt completely and comprehensively, which was equipped with advanced facilities and took on an entirely new look. Since it was open to the public, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall has attracted an increasing number of tourists and won a great reputation.


There are wheelchairs for the disabled and special passages for wheelchairs inside the memorial hall. At the same time, there are also crutches for aged people and baby carriages and toys for children.


Bus: You can take bus No. 224, 133, 261, 293, 185, 289, 27, 283, 284, 204, 229, 276, or 209 and get off at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall station. 

Subway: Take Subway Line 2 and get off at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station.

Location: No. 259, Dongfeng Zhong Road, Guangzhou

Ticket Price: 10 Yuan.

Opening Hours: 08:00~18:00

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