Top 7 Places to Visit in China in September 2024

September is a good season for travel due to the reason that the summer holiday crowds (July and August) have been reduced, and the Golden Week Holiday on the first week of October hasn’t come yet.

The weather in northern China in September is gradually decreasing, the summer heat has turned to autumn crispness, but China's southern cities are still hot and humid. Here are the top 7 typical destinations to visit in China in September.

1. Huangshan - Sea of Cloud, Unparalleled Fall Color

September is the best time to travel to Huangshan with the moderate temperatures of 19℃ (66℉) -28℃ (82℉), considered the best place to escape from the scorching summer heat.

What to See & Do

Featured sites to see in Huangshan in September are the majestic Yellow Mountains, colored leaves, the sea of clouds, and the sunrise from the horizon probability seen in this season. Tachuan Ancient Village's fall scenery is at its best from September and extends to late October.

What to Pack

If you stay overnight on the Yellow Mountian, remind you it would be a big temperature difference between morning and evening, should pack a breathable and comfortable, casual dress, pants, a waterproof jacket, and hiking shoes.

Recommended Huangshan Tour: Classical Yellow Mountain and Hongcun Village Tour

Yellow Mountain

Sea of Clouds at Yellow Mountain

2. Guilin - Unrivalled Landscape, Rural Life

September temperature in Guilin will range from 24℃ to 34℃, most days are sunny, with occasional showers, and the summer heat gradually recedes.

What to See & Do

Guilin Longji Terraces boast stunning golden views from September to October, the winding rice terraces like a staircase ascending to the blue sky. A Zhuang tribe opted to settle here after they were ostracised during the Ming Dynasty.

Yangshuo offers breathtakingly beautiful scenery, particularly oddly-shaped hills, the picturesque Li River, and local farming life. Cycling through the idyll countryside, you will see the busy rice harvest and villagers working in the fields in September.

What to Pack

Breathable shirts, cool and dry dresses, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, hat, umbrella, and bug spray.

5-Day Guilin and Yangshuo Off-Beaten Track Tour

  • Day 1 Guilin Arrival--Transfer to Your Hotel
  • Day 2 Elephant Trunk Hill--Discover the Folk Culture of South China in Daxu Ancient Town--Reed Flute Cave
  • Day 3 Xingping Ancient Town--Rafting between Xingping and Nine-Horses-Fresco--Xianggong Hill
  • Day 4 Hidden Caves Exploration--West Street of Yangshuo--Yangshuo Countryside Visit
  • Day 5 Transfer from Yangshuo to Guilin--Guilin Departure

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3. Yunnan - Snow Mountains, Ethnic Diversity

Yunnan is situated on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in southeast China. with the tropical monsoon climate, warm and dry all year round. In September, the summer peak season has gone, and you can travel with fewer crowds and cheap accommodations.

What to See & Do

Capture the magnificent views at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang, lay back at the tranquility of Erhai Lake, and experience the Tibetan lifestyle and religion in Shangri-La. Strong command to taste Yunan Coffee as the region is a top producer of Arabica coffee in China.

What to Pack

The Daily temperature difference can reach 10℃-12℃ in September, pack with breathable and comfortable shirts, casual dresses, pants, a coat, and hiking shoes.

Recommended Yunnan Tour: Authentic Yunnan Discovery

4-Day Yubeng Village Hiking & Meili Snow Mountain

  • Day 1 Shangri-La to Yubeng: Big Bend of the Jinsha River--Dongzhulin Monastery--a panoramic view of the Meili Snow Mountains--Feilai Lamasery
  • Day 2 Yubeng: Hike from Yubeng Village--Xiaonong Base Camp--Ice Lake--Return by the same way to Yubeng
  • Day 3 Yubeng: Hike from upper Yubeng Village to Lower Yubeng--Holy Waterfall
  • Day 4 Yubeng to Shangri-La: Hike along the spectacular Ninong Canyon to Ninong Village--transfer to Shangri-La by car.

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4. Western Sichuan - Pure Land on Earth

September is the busy season for Western Sichuan, the weather is pleasant and cool, with the average temperature around 18 ℃ to 27℃.

Western Sichuan features colored dense forests, mirror-like clam lake, endless Plains Breathtaking mountains, as well as a cultural blend between Tibet and Han Chinese.

What to See and Do

Trekking through the valleys in Four Sister Mountain, take a glimpse of Tibetan-style houses and ancient Buddhist monasteries in Ganzi, Litang, and Yangding, and don’t forget to experience an overnight stay in a local guesthouse in a Tibetan-inhabited area.

What to Pack

It is necessary to bring coats or down jackets as the temporary gap is quite large during the day and night.

daocheng yading tour
5-Day Western Sichuan Tour to Daocheng and Yading

5. Inner Mongolia - Vast Grassland, Horse Nations

Most of the day in September is sunny and dry, the weather in between being moderately warm and mildly cold, suitable for travel in this season.

What to See & Do

Hulun Buir Grassland, E'erguna Wetland, Daxinganling Birch Forest Scenic area; Xilinguole Prairie, Wulagai Grassland; Huitengxile Grassland, in addition, September is also a good time to visit the desert areas of Inner Mongolia.

There are many recreational activities in the grasslands regions, in which you can experience lifelike horse nations by riding a horse or camel and also be able to engage in activities like archery and wrestling.

What to Pack

Short-sleeved T-shirt, casual wear for daytime, coat jacket, a thin sweater for the night.

8-Day Inner Mongolia Landscape and Culture Immersion Tour

  • Tour deep into the Hulunbir Grassland and view the stunning scenery along the Mozhigrad River
  • Visit the traditional Russian families and Oruguya Ewenke Reindeer Tribe
  • Experience the unique horseback riding and be a real Mongolian warrior

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6. Tibet - The Pristine Holy Land

September is the Autumn season in Tibet, the weather turns moderately cool and comfortable ranging from 9.0°C (48.2°F) - 21°C (69°F). Rains dissipate across the plateau, so can see the sweeping blue sky every day. The oxygen level in the Tibetan Plateau in September is much higher than in other seasons.

What to See & Do

At this time of the year, spots like Mt. Everest Base Camp, and Namtso those seasonally controlled sites are at their best time for views. The Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Yamdrotso Lake, and Karola Glacier, ... are MUSTS when traveling to Tibet.

What to Pack

Long-sleeved T-shirts, long skirts, casual pants, a light jacket, and a pair of comfortable hiking boots. Bring sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, hat to prevent sun tending through strong ultraviolet rays.

Tibet Travel Permit

Foreign passport holders should apply Tibet Travel Permit for entering Tibet. Moreover, foreign visitors can not travel to Tibet independently and must travel with a tour agent like us.

Recommended Tibet Tours: Lhasa and Mt.Everest Tour

Small Group: 6-Day Lhasa and Shigatse Tour

  • Day 1 Airport/Train station to hotel transfer (Lhasa)
  • Day 2 Lhasa: Potala Palace--Johkang Temple--Barkor Street
  • Day 3 Lhasa: Drepung Monastery--Sera Monastery
  • Day 4 Lhasa to Gyantse to Shigatse: Yamdrotso Lake--Karola Glacier--Gyantse Kumbum--Pelkor Monastery
  • Day 5 Shigatse to Lhasa: Tashilunpo Monastery--River View of Brahmaputra
  • Day 6 Hotel to Airport/Train station transfer (Lhasa)

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7. Xinjiang -  Uyghur Culture, Ancient Silk Road

Xinjiang in September is mildly cool with temperature average highs of 26°C (78°F) and lows of 14° (57°F). Northern Xinjiang comes into the most beautiful time of the year for breathtaking fall scenery.

What to See & Do

September is the most beautiful time of the year in Northern Xinjiang The heavenly lake and graceful prairie city in Urumqi, see the fall colors in Kanas.

In the Ruins of the Jiaohe Ancient City in Turpan, the local vineyard visits and sees they plant grapes at the back of their house, September is the time for grapes to ripe.

What to Pack

Casual dress, sportswear, jeans, T-shirts, light long-sleeved coats as it may be a little bit cool at night, hiking boots, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Warn Tips:

You don't need a special permit for Xinjiang, as long as you have a passport and a valid Chinese visa. 

Recommended Xinjiang Tour: Memories of Xinjiang Tour

Ruins of the Jiaohe Ancient City

The ruins of the Jiaohe Ancient City in Turpan

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