The Best Time to Visit Guilin Li River

Written by Sally Guo Updated Sep. 22, 2021

Generally speaking, April to October is the best time to take the Li River Cruise. Vistas along the river vary in different types of weather conditions. On sunny days you can view the clear and splendid reflections of mountains, buildings, and azure skies on the river; while the rain and mist will add to the beauty of the Karst landscape in cloudy weather.

There are some timing details you should know in order to enjoy the cruise with fewer crowds. As would be expected, weekends are usually more crowded than weekdays, and Cruise tickets are always in short supply during holidays, for example:

Spring-March to April

What to expected to see: Spring is quite comfortable for visiting, as Li River is warm and green. There are more spring drizzles, making the weather misty and humid. When cruising along the Li River, visitors will have a great chance to see the magnificent scenery of misty rain covering the river and mountains. Jackets, shirts, raincoats will be enough.

Summer-May to August

What to expected to see: Summer is the rainy season, with over 50% of annual total rainfall. It’s mostly short-lived downpours and it becomes very clear after rains. There are also stormy downpours and last for a few days. And the weather is very hot during the day. Visiting rain and fog makes visitors feel as graceful as a fairy. White clouds dotted in the azure sky, green hills reach to the far along the crystal clear river.

Cruising along the river, visitors can see buffaloes are resting in the water and children are swimming in the river. T-shirts with skirts, shorts or slacks are the best choice for summer.

Autumn-September and October

What expected to see: Autumn is the golden season for travel, with crowded of visitors. The weather is mostly clear and cool, and the water in the Li River is as smooth as glass. It is an optimum time to enjoy the reflections of the mountains and the yellow paddy field on the river bank. Comfortable, casual, and light clothes such as long-sleeved T-shirts or shirts plus thin jackets would be enough.

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