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Written by ivana Updated Oct. 31, 2023

Hangzhou, a city of culture and nature in China, with its enchanting West Lake landscape, profound historical and cultural heritage, and rich food varieties is unforgettable. However, behind a perfect trip, a deep understanding of the weather is always indispensable. This article will help you understand the weather characteristics of Hangzhou throughout the four seasons, provide suggestions for travel in each season, and give corresponding packing advice.

Hangzhou Climate Overview

Hangzhou is situated in China's subtropical monsoon climate zone with distinct four seasons, and a mild and humid climate, akin to Paris in France or London in the UK. Hangzhou's weather in spring and autumn is pleasant, making it a golden period for sightseeing tours. Spring is warm and moist. A plethora of flowers are in full bloom, making it one of the most beautiful times of the year. Autumn weather is cool and pleasant, a perfect time to travel. The summer is hot and humid, with temperatures often exceeding 30℃. However, the summer night by West Lake offers a unique charm. Winter is damp and cold, with continuous rain, but there's ample warm sun in Hangzhou's winter.

The annual average temperature in Hangzhou is around 16-17℃. The lowest temperature in winter can reach -5℃, while the highest temperature in summer can rise to 40℃. The annual rainfall in Hangzhou is about 1400-1500mm. The rainy season is mainly in June and July, but there is also quite a significant amount of rain in winter.

hangzhou average temperature and rainfall

Hangzhou Season-by-Season Highlights

Hangzhou in Spring

Spring is the blooming season in Hangzhou, with an average temperature between 10-20℃, making the climate very suitable. At this time, you can enjoy the city-wide cherry blossoms, apricot flowers, and peach blossoms—a sensory feast. The Broken Bridge and Leifeng Pagoda are must-visit spots in spring. Remember, spring brings rain, so carrying rain gear is a wise choice.

Hangzhou in Summer

Summer in Hangzhou is hot and humid, with an average temperature exceeding 30℃. However, West Lake offers a special charm on summer nights. You can enjoy the cool breeze by the lake. Moreover, summer is the best season to appreciate lotus flowers in bloom by the West Lake, which presents a unique charm. Sun protection and hydration are a must for summer outings.

Hangzhou in Autumn

Autumn in Hangzhou is cool and comfortable, with temperatures ranging from 15-25℃. It is the best season for appreciating red maple and chrysanthemums. The Buddha's Birthday at Lingyin Temple and the Chrysanthemum Festival at West Lake are the highlights of this season. Autumn brings clear skies, but remember to prepare some long-sleeved clothes to protect against the evening breeze.

Hangzhou in Winter

Winter in Hangzhou is damp and cold, with an average temperature between 2-8℃. Although cold, unique scenery awaits you. The aroma of Longjing tea in the teahouses by the icy West Lake gives you a unique experience of Hangzhou's winter. Remember, for warmth, thick clothes are essential.

hangzhou weather info

Luggage Packing Guide and Clothing Advice

Visiting Hangzhou with China Travel

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