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Written by ivana Updated Oct. 31, 2023

The traffic in Hangzhou is quite convenient, Hangzhou has excellent connectivity with major Chinese cities and international destinations through daily flights and high-speed train services.

Hangzhou is close to Shanghai, approximately 165 kilometers away, which can be covered in a 3-hour drive. Many people choose to fly to Shanghai and then take a 2-hour bus or a 45-minute high-speed train to Hangzhou. This option is often more cost-effective than flying directly to Hangzhou. It is approximately 1,125 kilometers from Beijing, reachable by a 4.5-hour high-speed train journey.

Getting to Hangzhou by Air

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport is the second largest international airport in East China, located 27 km from the city. It operates flights to major cities in China and several countries. As of 2023, Hangzhou Airport operated 128 domestic cities, 62 regions and countries. 

Since October 2019, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport has implemented a 144-hour visa-free transit policy. Under this policy, eligible foreign travelers can apply for visa-free transit upon arrival at the airport, allowing them to stay in Hangzhou and its surrounding areas for a maximum of 144 hours (6 days). This gives transit passengers passing through Hangzhou an opportunity to conveniently explore the city and its nearby attractions without having to apply for a Chinese visa in advance.

Getting to Hangzhou by Train

Hangzhou is located about one hour's train ride to Shanghai. There are frequent bullet trains between Shanghai and Hangzhou. 3 train stations serve Hangzhou: Hangzhou East Railway Station, Hangzhou South Railway Station (under construction), and Hangzhou Railway Station.  Most of the bullet trains depart from the Hangzhou East Railway Station.

High-Speed Train Schedule to Hangzhou

From Trains Duration Seat Class Price
CNY USD (approx.)
Shanghai G7541, G1321, G7331... 165 departures from 05:52 to 21:29 45 mins to 1h 45m 2nd class ¥73 $11
1st class ¥117 $18
Business class ¥219.50 $33
Beijing G171, G173, G177... 23 departures from 06:30 to 21:15 4h 18m to 13h 56m 2nd class ¥575 $80
1st class  ¥945 $132
Business class ¥1877 $261
Hong Kong West G100 , 1departures from 11:36 6h59m 2nd class ¥821 $118
1st class ¥1335.50 $191
Business class ¥2637 $377
Guangzhou G818, G1184, D3121... 10 departures from 08:00 to 19:35 6 hours to 11h 44m 2nd class ¥720 $100
1st class ¥1185.50 $165
Business class ¥2273 $316
Xi'an G2390, G1900, G3198... 11 departures from 07:17 to 15:26 7h 14m to 11h 43m 2nd class ¥750 $105
1st class ¥1206 $168
Business class ¥2350 $326
Guilin G1544,G1505,G1503,G1501,4 departures from 07:19 to 11:01 7h 46m to 9h 5m 2nd class ¥660.5 $93
1st class ¥1063 $150
Business class ¥2046.50 $288
Suzhou D781, G7503, D2281... 40 departures from 06:43 to 18:52 1h 18m to 2h 47m 2nd class ¥111 $16
1st class ¥179 $25
Business class ¥341.50 $48
Ningbo G1866, D2160, G7724... 107 departures from 06:14 to 21:55 50 mins to 1h 19m 2nd class ¥71 $10
1st class  ¥120 $17
Business class ¥224.50 $32
Yiwu G7492, G1882, G7380... 54 departures from 06:58 to 22:54 32 mins to 45 mins 2nd class ¥50 $7
1st class ¥84.50 $12
Business class ¥158 $22
Nanjing D781, D717, D3239... 123 departures from 04:46 to 22:20 1h 3m to 4h 44m 2nd class ¥112 $16
1st class ¥186 $26
Business class ¥361 $51
Huangshan G2668, G7194, G7316... 27 departures from 06:22 to 20:35 1h 28m to 2h 4m 2nd class ¥106 $15
1st class ¥170 $24
Business class ¥333 $47

If you want to book China train tickets, click here to search and book your train tickets.

How to Get to Hangzhou from the Nearby Cities

Hangzhou, located on the east coast of China, is one of the major cities in the Yangtze River Delta area. Therefore, its transportation links are quite convenient. You'll find it very easy to get there from nearby cities, such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Ningbo, Nanjing, Huangshan…

Here is some useful information to help you get to Hangzhou from nearby places.

Hangzhou West Lake

From Suzhou to Hangzhou

By train: You're suggested to take a bullet or high-speed train, which is the most convenient and fastest way from Suzhou to Hangzhou, taking around 1 hour 20 minutes to 2 hours 40 minutes. They depart from Suzhou Railway Station or Suzhou North Railway Station to Hangzhou Railway Station or Hangzhou East Railway Station, from 02:29 to 18:52 every day. The fare for a 2nd class seat is around US$11–18.

By bus: It is around 170 km (106 mi) from Suzhou to Hangzhou by bus, around 2½–3 hours. From Suzhou South Bus Station / Suzhou North Square Bus Station to Hangzhou Coach Center / Hangzhou North Coach Center, there are about 15 departures from 08:00 to 19:00. The bus ticket is about US$11.

From Shanghai to Hangzhou

There are several ways for you to go from Shanghai to Hangzhou: by train, by long-distance bus, and by taxi. The most recommended way to travel from Shanghai to Hangzhou is by taking a high-speed train.

Read How to Travel from Shanghai and Hangzhou to learn the details.

From Ningbo to Hangzhou

By train: From Ningbo Railway Station, about 85 high-speed trains and bullet trains depart to Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station per day from 06:24 to 21:27, taking around 1–1½ hours. The cost is US$9–11 for a 2nd class seat.

By bus: It's possible to take a bus from Ningbo South Bus Station to Hangzhou Coach Center / Hangzhou North Coach Center. Around 15 buses run from 07:15 to 18:50, taking about 2½–3 hours. The ticket price is US$11 per seat.

Night View of Leifeng Pagoda
Night View of Leifeng Pagoda

From Yiwu to Hangzhou

By train: Around 92 high-speed trains, which are the fastest and most recommended to take from Yiwu to Hangzhou, depart from 07:00 to 22:47, taking from 31 minutes to 48 minutes. The ticket price of a second-class seat is around US$8.

By bus: The distance from Yiwu to Hangzhou is around 140 km (88 mi), which takes about 2 hours by bus. Every day, 40 buses travel from Yiwu Binwang Bus Station to Hangzhou South Bus Station, departing from 06:30 to 18:30, with tickets costing US$9.

By taxi: You could take a taxi. The fee is about US$150. You're recommended to confirm the price with the driver before boarding due to the long distance.

From Nanjing to Hangzhou

By train: From Nanjing Railway Station / Nanjing South Railway Station, there are 130 pairs of trains running every day; around 120 of them are fast trains. The duration of the journey on a fast train is between 1 hour and 4 hours 44 minutes. The ticket price is around US$25 to US$32 for a second-class seat.

From Huangshan to Hangzhou

By bus: Usually, travelers can take a bus from Huangshan to Hangzhou. The two most used stations in Huangshan are Huangshan Bus Station and Huangshan Taiping Bus Station, which serve departures from 08:00 to 14:50 with a journey duration of about 3 hours. The ticket price is around US$13.

By train: Now there are fast trains available from Huangshan North Railway Station to Hangzhou East Railway Station. 20 high-speed trains and bullet trains run daily from 05:52 to 20:35, which takes around 80 mins to 2 hours, the ticket price of a second-class seat is around US$18.

Hangzhou Longjin Tea Plantation
Hangzhou Longjin Tea Plantation

Getting around Hangzhou

Hangzhou's transportation is well-connected and diverse and offers various transportation options to navigate the city. 

Hangzhou Public Buses

Hangzhou has an extensive network of public buses reaching every corner of the city, providing an affordable option. However, buses can be crowded during rush hours. You can check the latest bus route information and real-time road information for each bus route on the official website or app of Hangzhou Public Transit Group.

Hangzhou Metro

The Hangzhou Metro, with its 12 lines and 254 stations covers a total distance of 516 kilometers, covering Hangzhou Railway Station, Hangzhou East Railway Station, West Lake, South Bus Station, Wulin Square Station (City Center), and other places.  

Popular Attractions Reached by Hangzhou Metro Lines

Three Miniature Pagodas on West Lake
Three Miniature Pagodas on West Lake

Useful Tips for Taking Hangzhou Metro

Hangzhou Public Bicycles

Public bicycles are very common vehicles in Hangzhou. Visiting West Lake or the streets and lanes there by bike is a rather pleasant, and comfortable experience.

Public bicycles are provided by the government. No matter which service point you rent a bicycle from, you can return it to another one. There are a large number of these public bicycles available, especially in the West Lake scenic area and other major tourist attractions.

Please take your ID card when you register for one. The bicycle is free for the first hour, one yuan per hour if the time exceeds one hour, 2 yuan per hour if the time exceeds 2 to 3 hours, and 3 yuan per hour if the time exceeds 3 hours.

The rental time is 6 am to 9 pm for most of the year, and from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm during winter.

Hangzhou Water Bus

Hangzhou Water Bus operates four routes, covering a total distance of 36.5 kilometers. These routes pass through the main urban area, Yuhang Tang River, Shangtang River, and Dong River.

Among these, the Dong River is a major component of Hangzhou's canal water system and serves as a tributary of the Grand Canal. The riverbanks of Dong River are adorned with pavilions and buildings, where people live alongside the river, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

The Water Bus Line 7 (Dong River Line) is often praised by many locals and tourists as the most beautiful water bus route. Passengers will pass beneath numerous ancient bridges, providing a unique opportunity to experience the charm of Jiangnan's "small bridges, flowing water, and people's homes" up close.

Visiting Hangzhou with China Travel

Our experienced team of travel consultants is prepped to cater to your unique preferences. We focus on delivering only the very best of travel experiences. We are proud to serve millions of happy customers. If you are planning a tour of Hangzhou, see our most popular Hangzhou tour for inspiration or contact us to customize your Hangzhou tour.

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