Hangzhou Railway Station, Address, Facts, Routes, Transportation

Written by ivana Updated Oct. 11, 2023

Hangzhou Station, located in Qingtaimen, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is commonly referred to as the "City Station" by local residents. It mainly serves as the starting point for regular-speed trains, and a few high-speed trains of the Shanghai-Hangzhou line also originate from Hangzhou Station.

Situated in the city center, Hangzhou Train Station provides convenient access to West Lake, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, and Hangzhou East Train Station.


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History of Hangzhou Train Station

The station was first built in 1906 (the 32nd year of the Qing dynasty) and was originally called Qingtai Station. It is one of the earliest train stations constructed in Hangzhou.

The station has undergone one relocation and three reconstructions throughout its history. The current Hangzhou Station is the result of the third reconstruction and was completed and put into operation on December 28, 1999.

It is expected to be transformed into a high-quality train station in the future.

Trains from Shanghai to Hangzhou

There are 16 trains running between Shanghai and Hangzhou Station, including 6 high-speed trains and 10 ordinary trains. Most of the high-speed trains start from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station while all the ordinary trains run from Shanghai South Railway Station.

If you need more options, you can book alternative trains to Hangzhou East Railway Station.

Destination Popular Train(s) and Schedule Travel Time 1st Class / 2nd Class Ticket Fares
From Shanghai to Hangzhou G4915 (05:44–06:29),
G7543 (07:04–07:56),
D771 (08:15–10:00),
T869 (11:26–13:29),
G7525 (18:05–19:05)...
1–2 hours US$22 / 13

Most Popular Train Routes

Hangzhou Railway Station also has some daily trains connecting Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou, Ningbo, and other cities.

Note: Train information is subject to change and is solely for your reference.
+1 refers to a next-day arrival.

Station Layout

Hangzhou Train Station consists of a terminal building and a square. The 3-storeyed terminal building connects to a 17-storeyed building that has shops, restaurants, and a hotel.

The terminal layout is as follows:

Transportation to/from Hangzhou Station

As the station is centrally located, it is easy to make your way to the popular tourist sites by the metro, taxi, or bus.

Useful Travel Tips

Hangzhou West Lake Hangzhou West Lake

Exploring Hangzhou with China Travel

Hangzhou is famous for its West Lake, the local Longjing tea, the historical Lingyin Temple, and Alibaba’s headquarters.

If you are planning a tour of Hangzhou, get in touch with us to explore the old and new parts of this city with your own guide and private driver. See our most popular Hangzhou tours for inspiration.

Alternatively, contact us and we will tailor-make a unique Hangzhou tour for you.

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