Hangzhou East Railway Station

Written by ivana Updated Sep. 1, 2023

Hangzhou East Railway Station, located at 1 Tiancheng Road in the eastern part of Hangzhou, serves as the eastern gateway and a highly important transportation hub in the city. It is a major national railway interchange and one of the key Asian high-speed rail hubs, providing convenient access to Hangzhou for both domestic and international travelers.


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Hangzhou East Railway Station Map

Hangzhoudong Railway Station has a five-level structure, with two levels above ground and three levels underground, each serving specific functions and services.

Second Floor

The second floor of Hangzhoudong Railway Station is where the waiting halls are located. It adopts an "upstairs for entry, downstairs for exit" model. Surrounded by elevated ramps, the station has four entrance gates: east, west, south, and north. Passengers can reach the waiting halls by escalators from the ground.

There are a total of 28 ticket checkpoints, numbered from 1 to 28 from west to east, with checkpoints evenly distributed between the north and south sides.

There are 15 platforms, with each checkpoint serving two platforms. The north side is labeled as A, and the south side is labeled as B. Currently, the station supports transfers within the station.

Each waiting hall has displays showing train information, allowing passengers to find their corresponding waiting area based on their ticketed train. However, please note that the specific train arrangements and waiting areas may vary. Check the information screens or consult station staff for the latest information regarding trains and waiting areas.

On both sides of the waiting halls, there are mezzanine levels with offices, restrooms, and commercial areas. Various fast food and convenience stores are available. The perimeter of the waiting halls has three ticket halls, and self-service ticket machines.

First Floor

The first floor serves as the platform level of Hangzhoudong Railway Station. The east and west sides are transfer halls. There are ticket halls on both sides, offering services for non-second-generation resident ID card ticketing, ticket collection, ticket refund, ticket exchange, card reissuing, services for prioritized passengers, and public security card issuance.

Underground One Floor

Hangzhou East Railway Station Arrival Hall

The underground first floor is the exit level of Hangzhoudong Railway Station. After reaching their destination, passengers can proceed from the platform through the passage to the exit level. After passing through the exit gates, passengers can enter the public area.

This floor also includes a taxi waiting area located on both the north and south sides of the exit hall. There is a bus transfer point towards the east square, allowing passengers to transfer between buses or taxis without exiting the station.

Furthermore, the entrance and exit of the Hangzhou Metro are also located on this level.

Underground Two Floor

The underground second floor is the subway entrance level, where passengers can purchase tickets and enter the subway station. Various methods are available for subway ticketing, such as subway tickets, Alipay QR codes, mobile payment, and subway passes.

To quickly reach the second floor (waiting hall) from the 2B (subway level), follow these steps:

Underground Three Floor

The underground third floor is where the platforms for Line 1 and Line 4 of the Hangzhou Metro are located. Due to the two subway lines passing through Hangzhoudong Railway Station, there are multiple entrances to the platform level.

When taking the subway, it's important to pay attention and avoid taking the wrong entrance, which could affect your journey.

Train Exits

For high-speed trains arriving at Hangzhoudong Railway Station, after exiting the station on the underground first floor (1F), you will reach the platform level (above ground, 1F). This area is a gathering point for both departing and arriving passengers. Due to the high volume of passengers at Hangzhoudong Railway Station, it is important to prioritize safety, especially when using stairs.

The platform exits are divided into north and south exits, located on each side of the platform. If you are unsure about the location of your train's exit, please refer to the electronic displays or ask station staff for guidance.

Hangzhou East Railway Station Transportation

Hangzhoudong Railway Station is well-connected to various transportation options in the city. Here are some of the available connections:

Trains from Shanghai to Hangzhou

Around 180 trains run between Shanghai and Hangzhou East Railway Station. Most of these trains can be taken from the following two stations.

Book your train tickets to Hangzhou East Railway Station.

 Most Popular Train Routes

Hangzhou East Railway Station is the central train station in Hangzhou, with trains running daily from Beijing, Ningbo, Nanjing, Suzhou, and other cities.

Transportation to/from Hangzhou East Railway Station

Hangzhoudong Railway Station is well-connected to various transportation options in the city. Here are some of the available connections:

Hangzhou West Lake Hangzhou West Lake

West Lake

It is the most remarkable scenic spot in Hangzhou city and is about 12 km (7 mi) away.

Xiaoshan International Airport

You can take the airport shuttle bus that departs from East Square. The bus runs daily from 05:30–21:00, leaving every 30 minutes from 05:30–09:00, and every 15 minutes from 09:00–21:00. The ride usually lasts for 30 minutes and costs CN¥20 (US$3) for a ticket. Alternatively, you can take a taxi (around 40 minutes, CN¥142 / US$20) or opt for a private transfer with us to get there.

Hangzhou Railway Station

Take Metro Line 1, which takes eight stops to reach Hangzhou Railway Station.

Wuzhen Water Town

You can take a long-distance bus from Hangzhou Changyun Coach Station in East Square. There are six departures in a day, starting at 08:25, 10:00, 12:00, 13:50, 15:45, and 17:10. Tickets cost around CN¥35 (US$5) per person.

Lingyin Temple

There is no direct public transportation to this famous temple. We recommend you take a taxi, which costs around CN¥64 (US$9) and takes approximately 50 minutes.

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