Siberian Tiger Park

Written by ivana Updated Jun. 28, 2021

Siberian Tiger Park was established in 1996 for preserving this endangered and wild animal. The Siberian Tiger Park is known to be the largest and best Natural Park for Siberian Tigers today in the world.

It is spread over an area of around 1,440,000 sq m and is located on the north bank of the Songhua River close to the Sun Island .

Things to Do

The Siberian Tiger Park was created in the year 1996 to preserve the endangered Siberian Tigers. The Siberian Tigers are considered to be the national first class protected animals in China. The park is spread over an area of around 1,440,000 sq m and is located on the north bank of the Songhua River close to the Sun Island. It enjoys a foundation of beautiful scenery and ecotourism and is an ideal location for leisure and holiday. There are more than 500 pure Siberian tigers in the park and more than 100 are visible for visitors. Tourists can also see Bengal tigers, black pumas, leopards, lynx, lions and white tigers.

The Breeding Program 

The Siberian Tiger Park has a very successful breeding program and today it is home to more than 800 tigers along with various other larger cats such as pumas and lions. According to an estimation, there are only 500 Siberian tigers remaining in the wild today. Most of these are in Russia and only a few in China. This is the 2nd largest park of its kind in China for Siberian Tigers. It includes pens for larger cats, breeding areas and a museum. 

The Highlights 

Siberian Tiger Park is a very large park which has been divided into various areas such as a platform for tiger viewing, walking area, king tiger area, mature tiger area and an area for young tigers. Unlike some of the other zoos, this park allows the animals to walk freely without any cages. Except for the platform and the walking area, tourists are required to visit in a bus that is protected by wire mesh while the Siberian tigers are allowed to freely roam.

The Young And Mature Tiger Areas 

Siberian Tiger Park has an area dedicated to mature tigers that is spread over 360,000 sq m area. It has 30 wild Siberian Tigers. All of these tigers are around 7 to 8 years in age. Another area in the park is dedicated to the younger tigers. This area is home to more than 40 active and young tigers around the age of 2. Visitors can watch them fighting or playing with one another in a nearby pool. Some of the younger tigers are also in the tourist walking areas. Siberian Tiger Park is also home to a few lions that peacefully coexist with the Siberian tigers.

Other Attractions 

Siberian Tiger Park offers a lot of exciting activities such as walking in open air while viewing tigers. Visitors can also purchase animals or poultry to feed the tigers such as cows, chickens and ducks. Employees set the animals free among the Siberian tigers and visitors may have the rare opportunity of seeing the tigers preying on the animals. The park is also home to a Science Exhibition Hall where visitors can find information on Siberian Tigers and other wild animals.


No. 88, Songbei Street, Daowai District, Harbin City

How to Get There?

Visitors can reach the Siberian Tiger Park by taking bus number 85.

Ticket Price

RMB 90

Opening Hours

09:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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