St. Sofia Orthodox Church

Written by ivana Updated Jun. 28, 2021

St. Sophia Cathedral is located on Sophia Square, which is one of the grandest constructions in Harbin.There are many pigeon walk on the square of fly above the square and music fountains on the square as well.

The St.Sofia Orthodox Church is 53.35 meters high and covers an area of 721 square meters. Typical of Byzantine architecture, the church is majestic and extremely beautiful. Built in 1932 when Harbin came under Russian control, the church is believed to have also spawned the creation of the Li Je Temple on Dong Dazhiie since the local residents thought the cathedral upset the town’s fengshui.

The walls of the church are red brick. There is a huge dome on the top of the church that dominates the cathedral yard. Four tent-shaped arch roofs are distributed around it in different sizes. There are stairs to connect four buildings. It has four entrances in four directions, denoting the traditional shape of a cross. At the top of the main entrance is the Bell Tower with seven copper bells for only seven notes. The trained ringer strikes them with his hands and feet, giving the square a ripple of melodious ding. The lofty St. Sofia Orthodox Church is a unique human creation with exoticism in Harbin.


No. 88, Toulong Street, Harbin

How to Get There?

Take Bus 1, 2, 13, 15, 64, 66, or 113 to the Harbin First Department or the Fashion Mansion.

Ticket Price

RMB 20 per person

Opening Hours

8:30 am - 18:00 pm

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