China Maps

Written by Sally Guo Updated Aug. 12, 2021

Maps play an important role in your travel. In order to provide our customers with an excellent experience, we designed some easily-understand maps, which show you the locations of attractions or transportation in hot tourist destinations. Furthermore, we have maps of ancient Chinese dynasties. You can learn some history before traveling to China.

China Tourist Map

China is very big and there are countless places of interest in China. You must have known the most popular tourist attractions in China, but you may not know where they are located. Have a look at our tourist maps to learn the exact locations of these attractions.

Maps of China's Major Tourist Destinations

Top Attractions Maps

With a vast territory and a long history, China offers so much to see and explore. Here we provide some top attractions maps for you to plan your China trip better.

1. Beijing Great Wall Hiking Map

Beijing Great Wall Hiking Map

2. Guilin Li River Map

Guilin Li River Map

3. Shanghai Tower Map

Shanghai Tower Map

4. Shanghai the Bund Map

Shanghai the Bund Map

Tourist Traffic Maps

1. Shanghai to Nearby Water Towns Map

Shanghai to Nearby Water Towns Map

2. Domestic Direct Flights to/from Beijing

Domestic Direct Flights to/from Beijing
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