Tianzifang - The Best Art Area in Shanghai

Written by Sally Guo Updated Apr. 6, 2021

Standing for Shanghai’s art, Tianzifang is a great place to enjoy Chinese arts in Shanghai. A lot of famous Chinese artists including Chen Yifei, Er Dongqiang, Wang Jieyin and Wang Jiajun open their studios in Tianzifang which makes its fame. Located on Taikang Road near Dapu Bridge, Tianzifang also has a lot of handcraft shops.

Most art studios in Tianzifang are changed from abandoned old factories. There is a 5-story industrial factory transformed into Chengdu Industry Building. Here artists who are from 10 different countries or national areas set down in the building. There are 10 national flags which are representing the 10 art groups floating in front of the workplace. Chinese and Western arts develop together in Tianzifang, which make more people in the world know Taikang Road.

the nutcracker shop
The Nutcracker Shop

The industrial factories reflect different styles in arts’ hands. Artist Cheng Yifei’s Studio react a simple and dignified architectural feature. His art works has been displayed in the World Carving Exhibition in Paris. To have a cup of hot coffee or black tea near the fireplace in winter is a wonderful time to talk about arts. The monthly concert in Er Dongqiang’s studio is full of people every time.

His studio has a mark of the post-industrial revolution. The studio not only keeps two well-preserved cranes, but also adopts modern architecture materials. Tianzifang is the place to make you experience western and Chinese arts.

Located in 220 Lane on the Taikang Road, Hong Kong famous potter Zheng Wei’s Le Tiantao pottery studio holds some exhibitions which attract some international pottery experts in the world. American potter Jimmy set down in Tianzifang to teach foreign travelers to make potteries in his studio.

In addition, bamboo carvings made by Free Handicraft Company is the best bamboo carvings in Shanghai. The bamboo carvings is widely love by people in Hong Kong and Taiwan. And Sinan Intersection has dozens of antique shops which are popular among numerous antique collectors.

Shopping Highlights

This road is absolutely striking because of the great finds that you can easily spot as you walk by. Being here would give you a whole new meaning to the word ‘shopping’. From clothes to home decorations, you can certainly find items which will make your heart skip a beat.Shopping at Tianzifang is something that you most likely have not experienced before.


While your eyes feast on all the things that the merchants sell, your mind will also wander amidst the traditional vibe of the place. Taikang Road has successfully combined both modern and traditional appeal. The aesthetics of the establishments are very charming since the shops are still reflective of old Shanghai style. Yet, do not underestimate what they got to offer because there are also plenty of cafes with free Wi-Fi, boutiques with modern facilities and other urbane stores.

When you drop by theTianzifang, keep in mind that there are three main lanes which you can take. These lanes each go from north to south and there are several smaller alleys which intersect with each lane. If you find yourself quite lost because of all the turns that you have taken while being entertained by the various products that are being sold, just look for one of the main lanes and you can easily find where you are supposed to go next.

There are several stores in Tianzifang which you should not miss out because they got the most impressive items which might catch your attention.

Must-visit Shops

Insh Store

The Insh Store derived its name from the phrase, In Shanghai. This is the perfect store to go to if you are looking for designer clothes. They have everything that is fashion-related, from ladies’ dresses and tops to men’s coats and shirts and everything else in between.
Address: 200 Taikang Road

Boutique Cashmere Lover
If you are in search for fabulous sweaters, check out the Boutique Cashmere Lover. Some of their items have Chinese-inspired pattern and style, while others are plain yet elegant. All of their products are guaranteed to feel good on your skin while keeping you warm.
Address: 200 Taikang Road, Room 409

tianzifang buildings
Tianzifang Old Buildings

Deke Erh Art Culture

There are lots of stores in Taikang Road which offer a wide variety of clothes. The best part is that, they got designer clothes which will satisfy your urge to splurge but there are also budget-friendly fashion items. You can change your entire wardrobe by just shopping at Taikang Road.

Aside from clothes and fashion accessories, you will also stumble upon unique items which can be great home decorations or one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends back home. The Deke Erh Art Culture will enthrall you because of their impressive collection of books. This place is owned by Deke Erh, who is a popular local photographer and author. He also owns the place called Old China Hand Reading Room.
Address: No. 2 Lane 10, Taikang Road
Operating Hours: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

Unique Hill

If you want to browse through astounding posters and photographs of Shanghai, check out Unique Hill. This is a gallery which will not only amaze you because of the creative works that are on display but also because of the showcased beauty of Shanghai.
Address: No. 10 Lane 210, Taikang Road


Jugend is a place for movie fans to appreciate movies all over the world with wine and talking about them with the same camp. “It is a genuinely and elegantly interesting room”, said the designer Yanghan. There are about 50 chairs and Viennese coffee and French wine prepared for movie fans.
Address: 171, Room 206-211, Jianguo Middle Road
Opening Hours: 10: 00 to 22: 30

The Gallery

The Gallery is a mini art gallery. In the gallery, the paintings displayed are featuring character and romantic. Maybe visitors can just turning around In the 10 square meter gallery, but the frequency of changing the paintings is high. The paintings are all works of Chinese young artists that full of character, imagination and fresh. There are two larger galleries in Moganshan Road and Anfu Road.
Address: 171, Room 102, No. 1 Building, Jianguo Middle Road

Kai Bar

Kai Bar is a 170 square meter “colossal” shop in Tianzifang. The internal structure is Chinese traditional building style. Visitor can see the wooden roof and the beams supporting the roof. A liquor round locates in a traditional room is a great imagination and a collision of eastern and western culture. Specialized in Belgian bear, visitors can find more than 90 kinds of bear from all over the world.

Have a taste of the mussels while drinking bear is a great joy.
Address: 169, 3rd floor, Jianguo Middle Road
Opening Hours: Weekday, 16: 00 to 00: 30; Weekend, 16: 00 to 2: 00

Dongxi Workshop

Dongxi Workshop or Dongxifang (东西坊) is the first boutique shop in China. The layout combines the traditional Chinese style and the conciseness of western style. Visitors can find some old Chinese style design like the pretty girls painted on the poster in old Shanghai period are being painted on the T-shirts, the classic canning tea and many kinds of delicate stationeries.

Although the design of the boutique shows unique ingenuity, the products are closed to people’s life and are appropriate for sending gifts to friends or for yourselves.
Address: 171, Room 106, Jianguo Middle Road

tianzifang dining area
Tianzifang Restaurants and Shops

Sky Music Box

The Sky Music Box, also called Shanghai Music Box Collection House, is the first music box theme shop. The music box is the memory of our childhood and the happy fragments of the life. They are collected by a “Chinese Dad” from all over the world in this small room. When referring to the music box, people always associate to the theme music of Laputa: Castle in the Sky, which was created by the Japanese animation master, Miyazaki Hayao.

The music boxes are selected from different countries and in different shapes. Visitors are sure to find a satisfied box.
Address: 12, Lane 274, Taikang Road

Spending just half a day in Taikang Road would not be enough because of all the interesting shops and establishments that you can check out. When you start to feel that your feet are already throbbing because of the walk, stay at one of the quaint cafés or restaurants so you can rest for a while and experience gastronomic pleasure too.

Must-Eat Restaurants in the Street

Teddy Bear Family

The Teddy Bear Family is a teddy bear theme restaurant. Especially to the girls, the restaurant is seemed to be a fairy tale world. There are three floors. The first floor is prepared for the lovers to have a drink. If visitors like the Teddy Bear, the workshop on the second floor is prepared for you.

On the second floor, there are all the materials for making the Teddy Bear. Visitors can DIY a unique Teddy Bear for yourselves. The third floor is the main part to enjoy meals. Rice with Seafood filled in outer Skin of Pineapple (海鲜菠萝饭), Green Curry Sirloin (青咖喱牛腩) and Fried Rice Noodles (炒河粉) are the must-try dishes.
Address: 23, Lane 348, Taikang Road

Lotus Land

It is a south Asia style restaurant. Walking in the restaurant is like an exotic touch in a foreign land. The main tone of the restaurant is dark red and the walls inside hung full of Buddha mural always giving the restaurant a devout sense.

The must try dishes are Indian Thin Pancake, Curry Chicken, Cumin Potato and some curry dishes. Visitors will sit on the tatami to enjoy the meals.
Address: 12, Lane 274, Taikang Road

Up’s Café More

It is one of the brands that coming into Tianzifang firstly. The café is painted green and makes customers felt comfortable. There visitors can taste a cup of coffee and have a leisure time to spend the whole afternoon. When night falls, the café becomes vivid and colorful light gives the cocktail more taste of mystery.
Address: 7, Lane 210, Taikang Road

Location: 210 Lane, Taikang Road, Luwan District, Shanghai (上海市卢湾区泰康路210弄)

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How to Get There?

There are dozens of buses to Tianzifang including Bus 24 and 96 in Jianguo West Road, Bus 17, 41, 146, and 786 in Shaanxi South Road, and Bus 36, 786, 869, 932, 933, 986, Bridge Line 1, and Tunnel Line 8 in Chongqing South Road.

The Surrounding Scenery: St Ignatius Cathedral, Shanghai Botanical Garden, Zhujiajiao Ancient Town and Shanghai Zoo

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