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Xintiandi, a very recently built affluent scenic area free of car traffic, is located on Huangpi South Road and Taicang Road. A distinct feature of Xintiandi is the Shikumen (typical Shanghai gate) constructions contrasted with bars of the European style. In the daytime, there are many visitors from home and abroad who come here for sightseeing, taking pictures, shopping, and dining. At dusk, this place is filled with a strong sense of European glamour and romance. The open-air bars are particularly popular among young people and foreign visitors. Many distinct restaurants are either animatedly ablaze with lights or ooze with romantic charm using dim light. In addition, there are many fashion stores in the Xintiandi entertainment area. After spending time in Xintiandi, visitors can go to the Tia Ping Bridge green area to experience a calmer environment to relax in.

The open-air bars
The open-air bars

Xintiandi is divided into two parts: Nan Li (the southern part) and Bei Li (the northern part). In the southern part, there are more modern buildings than the old Shikumen buildings, but there is much focus being put on their protection. The Shikumen buildings along the street have become a unique part of the city’s cultural landscape full of history and art. There is also a shopping and entertaining center which covers an area of 25,000 square meters (2.5 hectares). The dividing line is the site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

The Shikumen buildings
The Shikumen buildings

Nearby Attractions:

Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen

The Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen is located at No. 7 of Xiangshan Road, west of Fu Xing Park (the former No. 29 of Moliere Road). It is a quiet European-style house with a garden where Sun Yat-sen and his wife Soong Ching-ling lived from 1918 to 1924.

Zhou Residence

The Zhou Residence is situated on Sinan Road at No. 73 along the east side of Sinan Road (the former No. 107 of Masinan Road). It is a western-style building with three floors and a garden. This is the former office of the Shanghai Delegation to the Communist Party of China.

Huaihai Road Commerce Street

The Huaihai Road Commerce Street begins from Renmin Road in the east and stretches to Kaixuan Road in the west. It is divided into three parts: the eastern part, the western part, and the middle part totaling more than 5,000 meters long. It is a very famous business street in Shanghai.

Huahai Road is an elegant cultural street. The well-known Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen, Song Ching Ling Memorial Residence, Zhou Residence, and the site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China are all near this road. At the end of 1996, the new Shanghai Library was set up on Huaihai Middle Road.

Yandang Leisure Street

Yandang Leisure Street is also known as the backyard of Huaihai Road. It begins from Huanghai Middle Road in the north, goes through Xing’an Road and Nanchang Road, and ends at Fuxing Park Street. It is a vehicle-free promenade that is open all day long.

Shanghai Library

The old Shanghai Library is located at the crossing of Nanjing Road and Huangpi Road. In 1996, the new Shanghai Library was built on Huaihai Middle Road.

Fuxing Park

Old Site of the Central Committee of the Communist Young League

The Old Site of the Central Committee of the Communist Young League is an old-style Shikumen house made of brick and wood. It used to be the place where the Shanghai Communist Group held its activities.

Former Residence of Zou Taofen

The Former Residence of Zou Taofen is a typical western-style building. Zou Taofen, the owner of the building, was originally called Zou Enrun. However, “Taofen” was his pen name when he was the chief editor of “Life” weekly magazine 1926. The Chinese character “Tao” means “hiding capacity and biding time”, and the character “Fen” means “keep fighting”.

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