Mount Everest Base Camp/EBC

Everest Base Camp (EBC) is a protected zone, set up to protect center environment of Mt. Everest and provide a campsite for climbers and travelers.

There are two Base Camps, including North Base Camp in Tibet and South Base Camp in Nepal. These two base camps are located exactly in the opposite directions of Mt. Everest. North Base Camp is at an altitude of 5200 meters and the straight-line distance from the base camp to the top of Mt. Everest is 19 kilometers.

During peak tourist season, which is spring and autumn, there are lots of travelers and mountaineers encamping there. Tent hostels, tea houses, small shops and restaurants are run by local Tibetan. You can reach EBC via the Friendship Highway that branch in the south at the point of Shelkar, or trek from Shigatse via Tingri, Sakya, and Rongbuk and reach EBC. From Shigatse, the total distance of Everest Base Camp is about 337 kms.

Quick Facts about EBC

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