Mount Everest Base Camp/EBC

Written by Ruru Zhou Updated Apr. 12, 2021

Everest Base Camp (EBC) is a protected zone, set up to protect the center environment of Mt. Everest and provide a campsite for climbers and travelers.

There are two Base Camps, including North Base Camp in Tibet and South Base Camp in Nepal. These two base camps are located exactly in the opposite directions of Mt. Everest. North Base Camp is at an altitude of 5200 meters and the straight-line distance from the base camp to the top of Mt. Everest is 19 kilometers.

During the peak tourist season, which is spring and autumn, there are lots of travelers and mountaineers encamping there. Tent hostels, tea houses, small shops, and restaurants are run by local Tibetan. You can reach EBC via the Friendship Highway that branches in the south at the point of Shelkar, or trek from Shigatse via Tingri, Sakya, and Rongbuk reach EBC. From Shigatse, the total distance of Everest Base Camp is about 337 km.

Quick Facts about EBC

Top Things to Do in Mount Everest Camp

Sending Postcards to Your Family or Friends from the Highest Post Office

Everest Post Office is set up since the torch of the Beijing Olympics reached Mount Everest in 2008. It’s the highest post office in the world, at an altitude of 5200 meters. Now you can not only enjoy the amazing natural scenery by yourself, but you can also share the joy with families and friends by sending postcards, letters, and commemorative albums. Getting a postcard from where you have traveled can be very meaningful, especially from the world’s roof.

The Post Office on Mt. Everest is available from the end of April to August. The postcards cost 25 yuan and each postmark is 5 RMB at the China Post Office on Mount Everest Base Camp.

Enjoy the Fantastic Landscape of Mount Everest

Starry Sky: EBC is a brilliant place for most travelers to view Mt. Everest and an overnight stay in EBC will give you a better chance to get to know more about it. You can choose to pitch tents by yourself in a designated area, or staying grouped tents with other people. As the altitude is too high, people usually have difficulty falling asleep because of headaches or shortness of breath. But the amazing night scenery can help to forget all trouble. The sky is embellished with countless twinkling stars which weave a dreamlike veil with diamonds.

Sunrise and Sunset: Witnessing the sunrise or sunset of Mt. Everest must be an unforgettable experience in one’s life When the first sunlight shines on the summit, Mt. Everest begins to show its face gradually from the darkness ad than is covered by the golden glow on a clear morning, like a giant bright pyramid. Sunrise is delayed because of the height of the surrounding mountains, however, it’s stunningly beautiful. Sunset also makes Mt. Everest charming and more mysterious. The best time to appreciate sunrise is from 7:00 to 7:30 in May and from 8:00 to 8:30 in October. The best time to view the sunset is from 17:30 to 18:30.

How to Get to Everest Base Camp

There is no direct flight, train, or public bus to Tibet's Everest Base Camp.

You need to go to Lhasa via plane, train, or coach bus, then rent a private van to EBC from YangHu, Shigatse to Tingri County, which will take about 2 days. You can also take a train from Lhasa to Shigatse and then take a van to EBC (12 hours).

Along the way, there are lots of breathtaking sceneries, such as spectacular snow mountains and beautiful countryside. You can also view: yaks are chased by local Tibetans, and farmers are working on a highland barley field. After passing by the highest Monastery -- Rongbuk Monastery, the mysterious Mt. Everest is standing in front of you.

Simple and Basic Facilities at EBC

As natural conditions are too harsh, tent hostels at EBC only available from April to November. Living facilities and Hygiene in EBC will be simple and basic. Hostel tents will be small and crowded. But you will not care about too much when being immersed in picturesque landscapes and glorious religious culture. You can also choose to stay at Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse, which is 6 km north of EBC. The rooms and facilities are better.

Facilities of Tent Hostels at EBC

Beds: Each tent hostel has 10 beds with extra quilts, but in peak season a tent often sleeps more than 10.

Toilets are outside the tent hostels in small tents or huts, either chemical or squat pits.

Hot water is available, but there are no showers.

Chinese food is provided, and maybe instant coffee in the morning. If you don't like Chinese food like fried rice, Chinese noodles, pork, etc., bring enough food with you.

Keeping warm: Stoves burning yak dung are used to keep warm (without a bad smell). Due to the high altitude, it's freezing cold and the wind is strong, especially at night. Bring enough warm clothes to keep warm.

Electricity: Lights go out at midnight when the generator is switched off. There is a low voltage at EBC, so you are advised to charge your phone, camera, and flashlight in Shigatse before going to EBC.

Dining and Accommodations in EBC

Make sure you take perfect measures to prevent altitude sickness. As the altitude is too high and there are few forests, people can get altitude sickness easily. In addition, there are few medical facilities;

Bring warm clothes and other cold-proof equipment as it’s freezing cold and the wind is very powerful there. Especially during morning and night, the temperature can drop to a few degrees below zero;

Bring some food if you can. There are not many choices for eating as food scarcity and higher prices in EBC;

Bring all essential credentials like Border Card when visiting EBC, in case it will be needed;

Living facilities and Hygiene in EBC will be simple as the condition is limited. Hostel tents will be small and crowded. But you will not care about too much when being immersed in picturesque landscapes and glorious religious culture.

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