Xian Muslim Quarter

Written by Ruru Zhou Updated Sep. 1, 2021

If you are a person who deeply loves delicious food, the Muslim Quarter (Huimin Jie in Chinese) is the first place not to miss in Xi’an. It is a food paradise which is full of Muslim food. In addition, there are some well-preserved Muslim temples built in the Tang Dynasty. You can experience unique Chinese Muslim culture and life there.

Adjacent to the Bell Tower and Drum Tower in the city center, the Muslim Quarter is a historic Muslim area. 10 Muslim temples in the different Dynasties are still well kept in the quarter. There are about 20,000 Muslims living in the Muslim Quarter. Here, you can view Muslims’ original religious traditions and life habits.

The Muslim Quarter usually is the street between the Drum Tower and North Garden Gate (Beiyuanmen in Chinese). The street is filled with old buildings with the Ming and Qing Dynasties style. What’s more, you can enjoy all kinds of Muslim tasty food along the street.

The Great Mosque with a long history in the quarter is a hot attraction to visit. As one of the top 3 Chenghuang Temples in China, Xi’an Chenghuang Temple is also in the Muslim Quarter. You can have a Muslim feast consisting of its culture and food.

Top Things to DO in Xian Muslim Quarter

Try Delicious Local Snacks

People in the Muslim Quarter are good at making tasty Muslim food there. You can try Bread with beef or mutton soup, mutton pie, mutton dumplings, beef noodles and so on. All kinds of Chinese cakes such as green bean cakes, dry fruits and sweets are loved by people.

See Local Life

Most restaurants and shops are open from 10:00 to 02:00 in the Muslim Quarter. Local people also like to head for snacks at night in summer. Hundreds of people come to the Muslim Quarter to have snacks and shop at night. We recommended you to have a view at the nightlife of the quarter.

Buying Souvenirs

There are a lot of shops to buy souvenirs in the Muslim Quarter. You can buy shadow puppets, Cheongsam and silk products, folk paper-cuts, tea sets, jade products and stone handicrafts there. You can bargain for a reasonable price when you buy the souvenirs.

Night of the Muslim Quarter

You can also visit Huajue Alley extending to Xiyangshijie (West Sheep City Street) in the Muslim Quarter. The Alley is full of a variety of special souvenirs.

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