Badaling Ski Resort

Written by Sally Guo Updated Oct. 29, 2021

Beijing has a lot to offer for any kind of tourist and so for those who are in the mood for winter action, Badaling Ski Resort is a perfect solution. Just hours away from the massive city, Badaling Ski Resort is a perfect option to consider since it is close to another historical and cultural landmark, the Great Wall of China. There are also hot springs nearby so if your taste is vertiginous exploration or waddling on therapeutic water, the Badaling Ski Resort is your best starting point for a unique kind of fun only found in China.

A Winter Wonderland

As the winter months come approaching, the Badaling Ski Resort transforms into a silvery color, bringing a sense of fantasy for those who like the idea of snow land. Not only that, but the Badaling Ski Resort also gives you a view of the great wall covered in White, an amazing vision of beauty and allure.

2022 Winter Olympics

A Perfect Getaway Location

The Badaling Ski Resort is situated around 2 kilometers from Badaling Great Wall. When you visit the slopes, enjoy several options. There are 2 primary slideways that are 800 meters long and there are also 2 long slideways that are 600 meters long. There is also a massive roadway ideal for those who like to ride motorcycles. Sadly, if you are looking for options as an advanced skier, you might be disappointed since there are no challenging slopes here that could accommodate your needs as an advanced skier. If you would like to take classes to get more acquainted with what to do next time, there are options for you to consider like local or foreign coaches.

Complete Vacation Experience

The Badaling Ski Resort is a comprehensive location complete with everything you need for a fun and engaging experience. There are restaurants, accommodation options, and many other options for pampering and relaxation. There is also available skiing equipment that you can borrow while the Gymnasium is a perfect destination for those who want an all-inclusive experience in an exotic and inspiring location. The Badaling Ski Resort is so popular that it has been the most popular and widely used ski resort in China.


For someone who has just finished his or her lessons or would like a nice hot meal after skiing, there are dining options available in Badaling Ski Resort. There are restaurants offering American dishes and also some that offer European food. Of course, Chinese food is highly revered, and for a visit in China, who would dare not to have Chinese meals, even in a fancy location such as the Badaling Ski Resort.

Traveling across Beijing is fun but Badaling Ski Resort offers some unique options for you to spend your vacation in China. Imagine if you can just lounge around in the lovely snowy hills and enjoy a hot drink while in a restaurant, or just enjoying the ski adventure with friends or family. Everything is available in the Badaling Ski Resort, from the gym, lodges, and other facilities to have a complete holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Best Time to Visit

If you want to visit the Badaling Ski Resort during the peak period, the Spring Festival usually draws massive crowds of people. This is a national holiday and a lot of people are ready to get out of the city for a little relaxation and fun. The start of the Lunar New year is the beginning of the Spring Festival. It can be very busy here and transportation can be bad. If you want to enjoy a very solemn period here, then you can go off-season but you might not find it as perfect as high season weather conditions when the climate is still considered cool, but not too wintery for tourists.

If you are interested in going to Badaling Ski Resort, there is nothing more engaging than to be there with all other travelers. Though it might take a lot of planning to be there before anybody else does, the engaging experience that is available here will definitely be memorable. The Badaling Ski Resort is a perfect gateway for many other sites in Beijing so do not be limited with your options for a fun holiday!

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