How to Travel from Beijing to Xian: By Train or Plane?

Written by Sally Guo Updated May. 25, 2022
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How do you get from Beijing to Xian? It might be a toss-up with 1216 kilometers (756miles) between them and plenty of transportation options. We believe traveling by bullet train is the best way to get from Beijing to Xian as it is fast, punctual, and reasonably priced.

The other two ways, flight, and overnight train can be your second choice.

Beijing to Xian: Train vs Plane

  By Overnight Train By Bullet Train By Flight
Cost About 268 CNY for a hard sleeper About 515 CNY for a hard seat Around 260-2230 CNY for an economy class seat
Duration 12-15 hours 4.5-6 hours Around 2 hours
Waiting Time Get to the station 40 minutes early. Get to the station 40 minutes early. Get to the airport at least 2 hours early.
Daily Schedule 5 departures 9 departures About 30 departures
Recommendation Rate ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★

Beijing to Xi’an Train

For travelers with a tight budget, the cheapest way to travel from Beijing to Xian is to take an overnight train. It can also save your hotel expenses for a full day. There are 5 trains leaving from Beijing West Railway Station to Xian Railway Station every day.

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration Price
T41 14:22 05:28 next day 15h6m Hard Seat: 156.5 CNY
Hard Sleeper: 268.5 CNY
Soft Sleeper: 422.5 CNY
T55 15:50 05:22 next day 13h32m Hard Seat: 148.5 CNY
Hard Sleeper: 254.5 CNY
Soft Sleeper: 398.5 CNY
Z151 16:03 03:45 next day 11h42m
Z43 20:12 09:55 next day 13h43m Hard Seat: 156.5 CNY
Hard Sleeper: 268.5 CNY
Soft Sleeper: 422.5 CNY
deluxe Soft Sleeper: 780.5 CNY
Z19 20:40 08:31 next day 11h51m Hard Sleeper: 254.5 CNY
Soft Sleeper: 398.5 CNY
Deluxe Soft Sleeper: 735.5 CNY


  • The schedule listed above is for reference only. 
  • Soft sleeper is private and has a larger elbow room, while a hard sleeper is open and has very limited space.
  • Deluxe soft sleeper has a private room for 2 passengers, with a toilet, sofa, and TV.

Beijing to Xian Bullet Train

Bullet train is the most recommended way to travel to Xian from Beijing. It goes fast and takes less time than the overnight train, which even allows you to complete a one-day round trip!

Departure Arrival Duration Frequency Daily Cost
Beijing West Railway Station Xian North Railway Station 4.5-6 hours 9 departures from 06:27 to 17:31 Second Class Seat: 515.5 CNY
First Class Seat: 824.5 CNY
Business Class Seat: 1627.5 CNY

The three types of seats on bullet trains look like the picture below:

Different Types of Seats on Bullet Trains

Beijing to Xian Flight

air ticket

There are nearly 30 direct flights from Beijing to Xian per day. The flights depart from Beijing Capital International Airport, or Beijing Daxing International Airport, and arrive at Xian Xianyang International Airport, at a price of fluctuating from 260 to 2230 CNY.

We don’t recommend you traveling from Beijing to Xian by air because by doing so, you have to get to the airport 2 hours in advance. A 2-hour waiting time plus a 2-hour flight time means you will spend the same travel time as the bullet train! Not to mention that domestic flights are often delayed or canceled.

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