100 Most Popular Chinese Names for Boys/Males with Meanings

Written by Apple Updated Mar. 8, 2023

Traditionally, When choosing a name for a boy/male, Chinese people prefer to use these words with the meanings of strength, power, success, and greatness. As in Chinese culture, males are expected stronger than females.

But nowadays, young Chinese parents like to choose words with the meanings of a bundle of joy or broad vision for their male babies. Here is a list of the most popular 100 names for boys/males. 

Top 30 Most Common Chinese Boy's Names

These words are very common and frequently used in Chinese males' names. If you want a name that is not so unique, only choose one from them. 

Top 20 Fashionable Chinese Boy Names

Young Chinese parents hope their boys are special beyond the common wishes of being physically strong or mentally intelligent. So they like to choose words with the meanings of a bundle of joy or broad vision.

Top 20 Popular Traditional Chinese Boy Names

Traditional Chinese boys’ names are typically related to "strength", "greatness", and "success". Traditional common Chinese words for boys’ names include:

Chinese Boy's Names That Mean Strong

Chinese Boy's Names for Wisdom

Popular Chinese Boy Names Meaning Dragon

The dragon symbolizes strength, wisdom, and power, so these names also carry this meaning.  

Best Chinese Boy Names Meaning Ocean

Unique Chinese Boy Names

If you want a name that is special, or unique that is not commonly used. These are the best options for you.

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